Any student who has ever had to write a research paper can testify that it is much harder to do than writing an essay. Researching information and separating the good from the bad is a difficult task, one that many students would rather not do. That is why many of them resort to buying sample research papers online to have an idea of what to base their work on, and this can be a tremendous help.


But as with everything, there are pros and cons associated with it and students have to weigh them both to figure out if buying a sample research paper is worth it.

Pros of Buying a Research Paper Online

There are quite a few reasons why buying a sample research paper is a good idea. As long as the student doesn’t forget that it is only a sample and they have to actually do the work later, they should be fine purchasing one.

Speeds up the Work

Having a sample paper means the work can go much faster since the student will have a sample of the perfect paper to copy the material from. They will know everything from what format to use to what goes into each section in order to make the research paper a quality one. This is the perfect way to hit the ground running and complete the research paper on time, which is a great advantage for students who are feeling overwhelmed by the topic they have been told to write about and are running out of time.

Good Example of Profound Research

Sample papers are written by professional researchers, meaning that if a student has no clue on how to go about conducting their own research, looking at one of these samples can help. The bibliography is where they can find all the credible sources the professional used to write the paper, and these can be a great guide for the student when it comes to crafting their own paper.

Gives You Ideas

By looking at the sample paper in detail, seeing how the writer addressed each topic, a student can easily get inspired and come up with ideas of their own to write about. Many students usually face a writer’s block when writing a paper and could use some inspiration.

You Get Reliable References

The person who wrote the research is, probably, someone who has written many such papers before and knows what credible sources to use in order to get accurate information. Students can benefit from using the same sources the writers used and unlock a wealth of information that can make their research paper even greater.

Might Be Easier Than Working with Instructor

Sometimes, the instructor can give clear instruction on how to write a research paper, which is great, but sometimes, they might leave students to show some initiative. This approach would be very inconvenient for the average overwhelmed student, especially when the instructor cannot be so easily reached for clarification. It is much easier to buy a sample online than to chase down the instructor for help.

Cons of Buying a Research Paper Online

Here are a few cons to keep in mind when buying a sample research paper online as some of them can put your entire academic career in danger if caught.

Can Be Costly

Getting a quality sample research paper usually means that it has to be written by a professional with impeccable writing skills. Such a sample would not be cheap for someone who is always struggling with other financial pressures in college. This could force such students to buy cheap samples, which can come with their own set of problems – mainly when it comes to quality.

Quality Might Be an Issue

Some papers might be too low-quality, and when students base their work off of them, it can lead to a failing grade. Some writing services don’t always use professionals or native English writers for the papers they sell. The end result can be a research paper that is hard to read and full of unreliable information.

Student Still Has to Do the Work

Since the student is only purchasing a sample, it would be unwise to hand that in. This means that when the instructor runs the paper through a plagiarism checker, the student will easily get caught. That is why the student still has to do some work and write their own unique paper.

Some Students Can’t Resist the Temptation

Even though you are not supposed to hand in the sample, some students just can’t resist the temptation and end up submitting the sample as something they wrote themselves, hoping that they won’t get caught. Considering that the repercussions for getting caught are too severe, it is just not worth the risk.


By looking at the pros and cons of buying a non-plagiarized research paper sample, students will be better informed on what they will benefit and what they will risk. As long as students use the sample paper as intended – a reference point to base their own paper on – they should be fine with buying one online.