Hexadrone – Inside out


    Are you looking for an option to add some additional amount of lean muscle without any water retention? Well, then Hexadrone is the ideal product or compound for you. This write-up portrays the science behind the wonderful compound. You will procure a clear idea about the compound, its potential benefits, and drawbacks.

    It has earned a high reputation in the market as the prohormone. It stands out of the ordinary in conferring improvised strength and muscle gain to different people. The aromatase present in this compound does not involve any significant effect as the compound included in it cannot be converted into the estrogen. Hence, it plays a vital role in recomposition, gaining lean muscles. To be precise, it is recognized to be a non-methylated, potent and dry hormone which can be stacked or used on its own. In case you are willing to have sloppy bulk, it is recommended not to use this product.

    Hexadrone comes with a revolutionary new formula that comprises of a new compound, referred to as the 6a-Androst-4-ene-3-one-17b-ol. The product is able to produce raised strength, and product profound gain in muscle. If you are looking forward to adding 8-12 lbs of the lean muscle along with zero water retention, Hexadrone is the right product for you.


    The 6-chloro compound which is present in the product contributes to being an ideal option for the reduction of estrogen compound. Thus, it plays an indispensable role as the anti-aromatase. The presence of reduced estrogen content is known for decreasing the negative effects of the compound. According to studies, it happens to be the cross between or combination of unique compounds such as 6 bromo, Epistane. It provides the effect of the compound milder, after comparing with other prohormones that are available in the market. In addition to this, you will be able to stack the compounds with the aid of wetter products in case you are looking for an option for cutting or bulking up during dry out.

    Studies and research

    Hexadrone happens to be a new compound that has hit the market. Though it appears to be nonmethylated, it has high resistance to different aspects of CYP-mediated metabolism owing to the Chloro group at C6. It is considered to be an anabolic compound in nature. It is also known to possess androgenic potency in minimal amount. This indicates that it will be creating a dry appearance without any water retention.

    It is not convertible to estrogen. It is immune to the response of the aromatase. The compound is considered to be active and does not require conversion to the active hormone. Thus, it makes an effective compound for stacking with other prohormones in a perfect manner. This makes the cycles to have a more dramatic effect. This product happens to be 6-chlorinated indicating that it possesses similar compounds like Halodrol and Epistane without any harsh methylated structure This is less harsh and mild on the system. Hence, it is essential to take it in the right dosage for seeking the desired results. The sweet spot should be 75-125 mg on a daily basis. Very dry gains with the anti-estrogenic effect make it a great option for stacking with wetter compounds while on a cut and looking for drying out.

    Benefits of hexadrone

    There are a wide array of benefits of using this product, which is enlisted below

    • It is very powerful and the ratio of anabolic: androgenic happens to be 300:80 as compared to the testosterone.
    • It will not be converting the estrogen.
    • It is immune to the effects of aromatase
    • It is considered to be a highly effective compound and does not need any conversation
    • It provides effective results to the users after the use of Hexadrone
    • It is beneficial to those individuals who are looking forward to developing muscles and looking good.
    • It will not be converted to the Aromatase due to the presence of 6-chloro group, causing steric hindrance and the enzymes
    • It confers a boost in the strength and do not any water intention
    • In case it is non-methylated, it will be safer for the liver.
    • It has the ability to add almost8-12 lbs of lean muscles without retaining any water.
    • It provides high strength to the body of an individual.
    • It provides an entire hard look part from superb bumps owing the swelling effect of the cell from glycogen storage at a faster rate.

    This product is known to be legal for the next generation of the androgens that provides assistance in enhancing strength and muscle gain. It counts to be suitable for men having an age of more than 21 years. It is used primarily by bodybuilders for showing their strong muscles.


    Every product comes with some side effects. However, there is an exception to the rule here. It has basic similarity to the harsher androgens such as Halodrol, M1, 4ADD. The level of toxicity is milder and reduced as compared to other compounds that are available in the market. It is considered to be a non-methylated compound. It does not come with any adverse side effects like different prohormone compounds. As it is a prohormone, it is recommended to go for proper cycle therapy.


    Hexadrone happens to be mild and safe providing effective results in developing muscles and improvement of strength. It is considered to be friendly for the liver. It does not have any negative effect. Hence, users are really happy as they got amazing results and the expectations can be achieved by intaking Hexadrone. It is beneficial in adding abundant lean muscles along with zero water retention. Bodybuilders are highly excited in using Hexadrone for effective results in bodybuilding without undergoing any risks.

    Thus, it can be concluded that this product is versatile and you can use the same independently for enhancing the lean muscle mass, strength for the reduction of estrogenic side effects which enhancing loss of fat and gain in the muscles. In case you are looking for a lean muscle builder of premium quality, you can come to the right place. If you are willing to build lean muscle, go for this product without a second thought.