Flip Remedial Grammar Instruction with GRMR.ME

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After 15 years of correcting comma splices, subject-verb agreement, and egregious usage of their, there, and they're, I decided to stop, which is why I created grmr.me, a resource for writing teachers and students that helps tackle English's most common writing errors. The concept is simple. Instead of correcting grammar, mechanic, and usage errors, teachers simply give students a short url that … [Read more...]

The BackChannel #15: Conference Hashtags, Endless Alphabet & More

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This week on The BackChannel: Tweet of the Week Many Many conference hashtags #metc13, #oetc13, #tcea13 , #petc2013 and more! Pinterest Kindergarten & First Grade Rocks http://pinterest.com/carol2650/ Blog Posts DCulberhouse -- @DCulberhouse Unexpected Leadership Lessons http://dculberh.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/unexpected-leadership-lessons/ Doug Johnson @BlueSkunkBlog 7 … [Read more...]

Top 5 Tips to Shooting Great Video


Let’s get right down to business. You need to shoot a video, but you either don’t know where to start, how to begin, or the BASICS to pull it off. I get it. The ease and accessibility to create videos is now being required of all of us. So here’s what you need to know.   Top 5 tips to shooting great video 1. Camera Of course you’ll need a camera. To make a good video, the TYPE of … [Read more...]

EduNationCast #39: Videos of the Week


As always, the EduNationCast crew takes a look at some of the best videos for education this week. This week's contributors: James Sanders, Chris Bell, Dan Rezac, and Adam Bellow. The complete show notes can be found on the EdReach Wiki. Leave us some feedback!  Contact us with any questions or comments- edunationcast@edreach.us … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable 25: Living with Musical Performance and Technology

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This week on the aRTs Roundtable we talk about the two worlds of musical performance and technology. Many educators might view that they are at odds with each other. Brenda and Carol talk about a new project Brenda introduced to her 2nd and 3rd graders that starts with performance and uses technology to enhance the experience for the students. Show Host: Carol Broos Show contributors:   Brenda … [Read more...]

10 Very Important Video Content Tips


  The great thing about video and my Professional Learning Network (PLN), is that as much as we may want to reinvent the wheel, there is simply no need to do so. Powerful and useful information is at our fingertips. So as I perused my latest Twitter followers this past week, I found a new site, that upon reflection, has some incredibly great video information for teachers wanting to … [Read more...]

EduNationCast #18: “Classroom-Free Schools”


This week on The EduNationCast: We discuss the merits of remote learning and whether or not physical classrooms are undermining student creativity and collaboration. Videos of the week: James shares "The Spangler Effect" Diane shares the "History Teachers" YouTube channel Jim shares the Super Bowl ads Adam shares "Hapi Berth Dey"  Tune in to the live broadcast on Mondays 6:30 Pacific … [Read more...]

EdReach Winter Viewing Party: Telling Stories Visually

EdReach Viewing Party

We know that it's Winter Break for many of you. Educators treat this time in many different ways. At EdReach, we know this can be a great time for us to catch up on watching some of those "fav-ed" videos that we clicked on so many months ago. We reached out to the EdReach contributors and asked them: What would you recommend as some sweet holiday viewing vids for educators? Here's Episode 3 … [Read more...]