aRTs Roundtable 46: Expanding Your Teacher Reach


This week on the aRTs Roundtable  we discuss how to expand your teacher reach outside the classroom. It starts with our students and their work. The sharing and communicating with other educators on a personal level, leads to many more opportunities for you and your students. Show Host: Carol Broos Show Contributors: Tricia Fuglestad, Jennifer Kolze and Brenda Muench  Leave us some … [Read more...]

The Backchannel #16: Rangers, Reminders, & Leaders!

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This week on The BackChannel: Tweet of the Week Skype with a YellowStone Ranger Tim Winterstein @winterstein13 Ranger Beth Pinterest Karly Walters March Lesson Plans Blog Post Educational Leaders Posted by: Michelle Baldwin APP Remind 101 Leave us some feedback! and if you have suggestions for The Back Channel -- please share … [Read more...]

The BackChannel #15: Conference Hashtags, Endless Alphabet & More

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This week on The BackChannel: Tweet of the Week Many Many conference hashtags #metc13, #oetc13, #tcea13 , #petc2013 and more! Pinterest Kindergarten & First Grade Rocks Blog Posts DCulberhouse -- @DCulberhouse Unexpected Leadership Lessons Doug Johnson @BlueSkunkBlog 7 … [Read more...]

Find A Wolf Pack Using The Little Blue Bird


In my first post for the Disruptors I wrote “Disruptors: Get Comfortable with being the Lone Wolf."  This post is about using that little blue bird to find your wolf pack.  Over the past few months I have found three packs to run with and they are all groups of Disruptors. I found then all on Twitter and they are all lone wolves in their districts or schools.  Some actually have disrupted their … [Read more...]

The Trouble with Twitter


My Library’s Twitter feed (@PenfieldLib) just passed 200 followers. Well, 220 actually, but who’s counting? We got a huge bump this week due to a number of factors: students’ procrastination; more students in the library; free coffee; and an unexpected evacuation. But I’m not here to talk about how to boost your followers. After all, innumerable dodgy Tweeple will give you thousands of … [Read more...]

The BackChannel # 014: A Conversation With Scott

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This week on The BackChannel: This week, I invited Scott Meech in for a chat.  Scott & I have a mutual admiration society, I think, in place.  I admire him -- he likes to chat with me!  So, in a way, this conversation was a Christmas gift to me -- a chat with Scott.  He is VERY VERY knowledgeable about Apps  - so I invite you to sit back and enjoy!   Links for … [Read more...]

The Back Channel #11: A Conversation w/ Rushton & Dennis

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This week on The BackChannel: This week, I invited Rushton Hurley and Dennis Grice in for a chat.  I enjoy and respect both men greatly -- and instead of having them each on their own show -- I decided to bring them in together to Double the Fun and Double the Learning!  Both men are encouraging speakers who have found a niche with video.  ENJOY!     Links for Rushton: Next … [Read more...]