How I Ate My Dog Food at TEDx Monterey


One of the several unpopular assignments I force upon my students is the Sophomore Speech. I am capitalizing Sophomore Speech because it has become a thing at our school … a proper thing. Every single one of my 10th grade students is required to write a personal essay and convert it into a speech to be delivered in front of the entire school during our assembly period we call Break. The … [Read more...]

SXSWedu: 17 year-old Nikhil Goyal: How I’m Disrupting Education


Today at #SXSWedu,  I had a moment to talk to Nikhil Goyal, author of One Size Does Not Fit All,  a prescription for fixing American schools. From Nikhil: "I'm bringing together the stakeholders in the school system- the parents, the educators, and the students." Nikhil shared his thoughts about how he's organizing and meeting with the thought leaders of our time to Take Education Forward. … [Read more...]

EdGamer 81: John Hunter Brings Us World Peace

Edgamer 280

  Happy Holidays EdGamer listeners...this week we give you a gift...our very first interview with a Ted Talk speaker...the amazingly insightful John Hunter. Mr. Hunter is the innovative force behind the World Peace Game and he is having a huge impact on the gaming and learning field. Join us for one of our most interesting episodes yet. Don't miss this EdGamer first...tune-in and … [Read more...]

Keynote Theater #005: Popping Filter Bubbles with Eli Pariser

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This week on the Keynote Theater:  Our broadcast today explores Eli Pariser's TED Talk from last May  entitled, "Beware Online Filter Bubbles." And who better to explore the the validity of the Web, than two of education's brightest librarians, Emily Thompson, and Adrienne Matteson. Some of the big questions that come from this talk are: how do we trust the Internet? How do we teach young … [Read more...]

TED: Poised to be the Biggest Brand in Education


If you were to walk up on the street and ask the average Joe the Plumber what they thought when you said the word "education," what would they tell you? "Unions." "Teacher strikes. "Budgets." If you were to ask them the same question about what was education's biggest brand, they might say...Pearson? Or Houghton Mifflin. ("who?") That's one of education's inherent problems. Education is … [Read more...]

Keynote Theater #003: Dissecting Salman Khan at TED

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This week on the Keynote Theater:  Our broadcast today dissects the Salman Khan TED Talk from last year, Let's Use Video to Re-invent Education. For this talk, I've invited some expert Flipped Classroom folks, the original Flipped Classroom guys, Jon Bergmann and Aaron Sams. To top it off we are also joined by YouTube EDU consultant James Sanders. We dive deep into Khan's ownership of the … [Read more...]

iDig Video 003: Video on the iPad!

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This week on iDig Video: Video on the iPad! In "Hot Topics of the Week" - The new iPads are on the shelves - hear our discussion about them and the new Apple TV. iMovie and Garageband have special new features on the iPad and we look into how these apps can be used in the classroom. Also Khan Academy's new iPad App;  TED video lessons for high school and college students; and YouTube for School - … [Read more...]

EdReach Winter Viewing Party: Epic Win

EdReach Viewing Party

We know that it's Winter Break for many of you. Educators treat this time in many different ways. At EdReach, we know this can be a great time for us to catch up on watching some of those "fav-ed" videos that we clicked on so many months ago. We reached out to the EdReach contributors and asked them: What would you recommend as some sweet holiday viewing vids for educators? Here's Episode 2 … [Read more...]