aRTs Roundtable 47: Thank You, Carol Broos

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This week on the aRTs Roundtable  the group thanks Carol Broos on her contribution to the arts. She retired this week from the Golden Apple Foundation. Tricia, Jennifer, and Brenda talk about how Carol helped and pushed them to share resources at conferences. An interesting talk about to become teacher's of teachers. Show Host: Carol Broos Show Contributors: Tricia Fuglestad, Jennifer … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable 46: Expanding Your Teacher Reach


This week on the aRTs Roundtable  we discuss how to expand your teacher reach outside the classroom. It starts with our students and their work. The sharing and communicating with other educators on a personal level, leads to many more opportunities for you and your students. Show Host: Carol Broos Show Contributors: Tricia Fuglestad, Jennifer Kolze and Brenda Muench  Leave us some … [Read more...]

You, Disruptor…Are Still Dangerous.

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I am usually the “gets along with everybody guy”, the gentle disruptor...not last week though. Last week I learned from a colleague that I am “dangerous”. Really. Me of all guys. It kind of reminded me of that famous scene in Top Gun where Ice Man confronts Maverick and tells him that he is dangerous. The precipice for the confrontation arose from my collaboration with another teacher and Sony’s … [Read more...]

The First Disruptors: Yvonne Corley


Editor’s Note: This post is part of our Spring series: The First Disruptors. You can read Andy Losik here on the Disruptors Blog and follow him on Twitter @mrlosik Who was the crazy one? Who disrupted you? When I reflect with colleagues on how far we have come as educators most of us can point to one or two people early in our careers that showed us there was a better way, a different way … [Read more...]

Find A Wolf Pack Using The Little Blue Bird


In my first post for the Disruptors I wrote “Disruptors: Get Comfortable with being the Lone Wolf."  This post is about using that little blue bird to find your wolf pack.  Over the past few months I have found three packs to run with and they are all groups of Disruptors. I found then all on Twitter and they are all lone wolves in their districts or schools.  Some actually have disrupted their … [Read more...]

Quit your moping. It’s conference season!


Three of the greatest academic days of my year are ten weeks away, Michigan's annual MACUL Conference. Every March educators gather to share their new discoveries, triumphs, and tribulations integrating technology into the classroom.  Many other states have their own version of MACUL just around the corner too. There are a lot of things that can bring us as educators down this time of year. We … [Read more...]

EduWin Weekly #007: Twitter and Time with Bill Selak

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This week on #EduWin Weekly: Hosts Michael Walker and Dennis Grice visit with Bill Selak about video in the classroom, the growing digital divide between those who are connected and those who aren't, as well as finding time to use these tools. Show Hosts: Michael Walker and Dennis Grice  View our Show Notes  Give us some feedback! Email to send us a note. Or leave a … [Read more...]

EdCeptional #033 – We’re All Still Learning

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Tonight we focus on Professional Development. As many of us are preparing to head off into summer shortly we decided to take a look at how we can personally keep up with our own professional/personal development. I fully believe that if you are involved in education that you should be a lifelong learner and willing to learn even on “your own” time     Show Host: Anne Truger … [Read more...]