Razor’s Ed Shall Return May 1

Sunrise and an EagleI received a message recently over Facebook asking when there would be more Razor’s Ed podcasts. I was flattered that someone was actually listening to my words. I realize that I have not been attentive to developing my show more. I will remedy that next week with a new show at 6PM Tuesday night.

It is a very difficult concept to pull off, this show. To be critical of educational topics on a weekly basis can change the mind of a person. While I was at the Illinois Computing Educator conference back in late February, I discovered that I was being very critical of even great ideas educators were sharing. I was worried that what I was becoming was the Statler and Waldorf of EdReach. As constructive as I could attempt to be, I could not help but feel that my style was not being well received. I certainly do not reach for low hanging fruits such as top 5 lists, or vamp about iPad apps. I try to raise the level of discourse, much like how I try to do in my own school district, in my college classes and with my colleagues. And to do this show solo without commercial breaks put my adrenaline up well after recording.

But I have developed a plan for the show that I think will make this concept still work. Shows will be 30 minutes. Tops. If I cannot take a topic, break it down and build it back up in 30 minutes, then I will carry over to another show. Hopefully your feedback will help with the guidance and reflection from the previous show. Somehow, someway, I will also broadcast the show. Most likely I will broadcast the show via Google+ hangout to add a level of interactivity.

I have a list of topics in my back pocket (actually stored on my iPhone thanks to Siri). I am rested and ready.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012 – Razor’s Ed relaunches.