MacReach Show #38: Apple News & Resources

This week on MacReach: We discuss lots of Apple new, Apple resources, and an awesome app of the week!  We invite you to join in on the conversation about Apple's impact in education as we look to the future. Show Hosts: Meg Wilson (@iPodsibiities) and Kelly Dumont (@KDumont) Leave us some feedback!  Contact us with any questions or comments- … [Read more...]

InstaGrok Educational Search Engine


Can you define the word "Grok?" InstaGrok is a developing answer-engine that is specifically designed for the education market. The mission of  InstaGrok is to teach 21st Century research and curation skills in a safe, age appropriate environment. InstaGrok is commercial free and organizes search results according to themes and concepts. In a way, InstaGrok is similar to Wolfram|Alpha as it … [Read more...]

I let my students grade me.


At the end of the year I ask my students to complete a course evaluation. They typically enjoy this because I tell them that this is their opportunity to give me a grade for my performance as a teacher. I take this survey seriously and try to make adjustments the following year based on the feedback that I get. In typical high school fashion some students leave suggestions that are completely … [Read more...]

Open Houses…Advice for New Teachers

Image Via Flickr user c.a.muller

You're a new teacher. Congratulations, you've made it through your first year of school. In the past couple of week's you have probably received several open house invitations which is likely to lead to great social discomfort: Are you obligated to attend all of the open houses that you are invited to? Can you pick and choose? Should you just skip them all? Does a Facebook invitation … [Read more...]

Help Students and Parents Fight The Summer Reading Slump


  Summer is just around the corner, and as teachers and administrators wrap up the year they will give their annual inspirational 'win one for the gipper' speeches; in an effort to encourage their students to read over the summer. Ironically I just sat down this week to type up a letter to be distributed to my tier 2 and tier 3 reading intervention students, doing this very thing. I'd … [Read more...]

Where is YOUR classroom?

classroom location.001

Every day, I am an active participant in an amazing classroom that is filled with engaging and unique learning opportunities. I learn all kinds of information about a variety of different topics; it all depends on what I find interesting or necessary at the moment. I have access to an incredible wealth of credible resources, and I am given as much time as I need to synthesize information and … [Read more...]

MacReach Show #11: iPhone Madness! …and Great Apple Resources

Kelly Dumont and Scott Meech join me for an episode filled with iPhone talk, Apple education resources, and tons of fun! Mac News Is Apple tracking you? The white iPhone is finally here! ....does anyone care? Tough Covers: How to protect your iPad from a 500ft drop out of a plane. EdMac There are so many great Apple education resources out there, we wanted to highlight a few of … [Read more...]

Stay Informed on Education Reform: Three Blogs To Read Daily

As an administrator and lifelong educator I make it a priority to keep a daily watch on news, technology, and legislative action that impacts academia!  This year has been particularly active; a recent article by the NYT stated it well: "With the dust settling on legislative sessions around the country, 2011 is shaping up as one of the most consequential years in memory for changes in the way … [Read more...]