EdGamer 109: What is the Future of Games and Learning?


This week on EdGamer 109 we have two guests, Heather Robertson and Wade Berger. Heather is a recent guest and Wade is a first timer to EdGamer from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and GLS. Our topic is the direction and future of Games and Learning. Our discussion includes mobile platforms, investment, creation, and tools to help teachers implement games in their classroom. It is a can't miss … [Read more...]

EdGamer 94: Kahoot!


Jamie Brooker joins us this week for EdGamer 94. Jamie is Co-Founder & Lead Designer of Kahoot! Crafted using a design-led approach, Kahoot! is a web-based mobile and tablet friendly platform. With a simple user experience, it creates a social, fun and game-like environment in the classroom. Do you want to try this interactive game in your classroom? Use “edgamer” as the priority code for the … [Read more...]

iDig Video #19: Meg Wilson & Using New Media!

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Meg Wilson (@iPodsibilities) joins us for a  look at some fascinating ways in which new tech and media are now being used in education. From the first time Meg brought an iPod into a room of "doubting" educators - Meg has been at the forefront of developing new tech ideas for the classroom! She shares of some of the innovative work she is now doing at the Avenues - World School in NYC. Show … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable 30: Classroom Management of Mobile Devices in the Artsy Classroom

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This week on the aRTs Roundtable we talk about how to navigate mobile devices and create an environment of positive "can do anything" in the art and music classroom. We talk about what to do with "fast finishers" and empowering your students, whatever the grade, to be tech support and experts within the arts classroom. Tricia talks about doink app for the iPad and the video she created with … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #31 – Shiny-New-Google-Toy-SQUIRREL!

Mobile Reach 425

Mobile Reach #31 - Shiny-New-Google-Toy-SQUIRREL!  The group shares some recent feedback we've received on past episodes. We share out a some great ideas for teachers texting for school purposes.  The new Google Glasses (Squirrel!) prototype was rumored to be out in public.  And of course, we share out a few apps we've been trying out.  All this and more on this week's MOBILE REACH! Show … [Read more...]

LiTTech Show #24: Mobile Learning in the Library (Part 1)

  This week on LiTTech: Emily and Addie are joined by their old friend Elisabeth LeBris, who has just seen the implementation of a Bring Your Own Device Program. They chat about what that means for the students and teachers and how it has changed their school. In fact, it was such a good conversation, it couldn't be contained in one podcast! Show Host: Emily Thompson Show … [Read more...]

EdGamer 42: What is Gamification and Can It Be Harmful to Your Health?


  EdGamer 42 is packed with great info! This week we tackle the complex and controversial issue of 'Gamification' in the classroom...fun or fad...we help you decide. Plus, we revisit the Vita and look ahead to another great new game that is due out in the near future. Check it out! ***A clarification of a incorrect statement by Zack- Taoists use Yin-Yang and Buddhist use a wheel called … [Read more...]

MacReach Show #40: Behind the Scenes of a Successful 1:1 Program

  This week on the MacReach Show: Eric Callis joins in to offer a behind the scenes look at a successful 1:1 laptop program. Listen in to learn about everything from financing to data collection, and some excellent resources! Show Hosts: Meg Wilson (@iPodsibiities) and Kelly Dumont (@KDumont) CoHost: Eric Callis (@edttw)   Leave us some … [Read more...]