Mobile Reach #39 – Welcome Back, Mobile Learning

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Mobile Reach #39 - Welcome Back, Mobile Learning  Chad, Judi and Tammy are back to start teh school year and share all kinds of mobile news that has happened recently.  We talk about the new iOS Google Drive app update and what it can mean for schools. We dissect some of the offerings of iOS 6.  We also share out some apps we've been trying out lately.  All this and more on this week's episode of … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #33 – Google, iPads And Apps…Oh My!

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Mobile Reach #33 - Google, iPads and Apps...Oh My!  Chad, Judi and Tammy talk more about Google Drive now that it's been out a week.  We share out some apps for use in the classroom or for school events and Chad shares a project he's working on with 5th graders using iPads as this week's #eduwin. Show Host: Chad Kafka (@chadkafka) Co-Hosts: Judi Epcke (@jepcke), Tammy Lind (@taml17) The … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #31 – Shiny-New-Google-Toy-SQUIRREL!

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Mobile Reach #31 - Shiny-New-Google-Toy-SQUIRREL!  The group shares some recent feedback we've received on past episodes. We share out a some great ideas for teachers texting for school purposes.  The new Google Glasses (Squirrel!) prototype was rumored to be out in public.  And of course, we share out a few apps we've been trying out.  All this and more on this week's MOBILE REACH! Show … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #27 – This is a Man’s App World

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Mobile Reach #27 - This is A Man's App World.  The team discusses each using Reflection this week for different teaching or presenting situations.  We talk about the iPad 3 coming out today (3/16) and look at the Digital Wish App Center.  We share apps and talk some QR #eduwin situations.  Oh...and there's the title of the show and where exactly did that come from.  Have to give a listen to find … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #26 – Reflection(s) on the new iPad


Mobile Reach #26 - Reflection(s) on the new iPad.  Lots of announcements this week related to mobile learning.  Google Play was announced as was the 'new' iPad (3rd Generation).  We cover both stories and talk about how they can relation to education.  We also review some apps and Chad shares his love of the new Mac app, Reflection.  Come check us out! Show Host: Chad Kafka … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #25 – A Milestone.


Mobile Reach #25 - A Milestone.  It's our 25th show!!  We keep it short and sweet this week and share a few news bits related to Mountain Lion being announced and the Google Docs Android update.  Tammy shares how she's been using Socrative in her school district.  And we go around and each share out an app we've been checking out this week.  Break out the bubbly and join us for our 25th show … [Read more...]

5 Reflections From My Day Off of School


I had Presidents' Day off from school recently. It’s one of the perks of being a teacher. Oh, don’t get me wrong. There are lots of perks when you are a teacher.  Our day ends at 3pm. No weekend work. Long winter breaks, spring break, and of course, one of the main reasons all educators decide to become a teacher; summer vacation. Are you picking up on my sarcasm? I hope so, because I’m laying it … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #23 – The MacBook Sad Horse


Mobile Reach #23 - The MacBook Sad Horse.   This week, the team shares some examples they've seen or been working on that exemplifies "mobile learning in the classroom."  We discuss the recent news that the white MacBooks are now officially going away for the education market.  We also share some apps we've been using recently in our respective roles in education.  Come hop on that sad horse with … [Read more...]