What I Learned about Teaching from Playing Golf


[display_podcast] (Click here to listen to the audio version of this blog.) When I was a kid my father used to take me to the golf course so I could walk along the ditch as he played.  I got 25¢ for every golf ball I found. 50¢ if it was a keeper. I remember thinking that it looked like a fun game to play, but also wondered why so many golfers would want to hit their balls into the ditch so … [Read more...]

Competition vs. Cooperation: What Is Better For Our Schools?

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Over Easter vacation a few weeks ago, something happened that I can’t get out of my mind.  My wife’s family conducted the annual egg hunt for all of the children, ranging in ages from seven to seventeen. The plastic eggs were hidden all over the yard, some filled with candy and others filled with various amounts of money. The kids scrambled all over the yard, screaming with delight as their … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable 47: Thank You, Carol Broos

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This week on the aRTs Roundtable  the group thanks Carol Broos on her contribution to the arts. She retired this week from the Golden Apple Foundation. Tricia, Jennifer, and Brenda talk about how Carol helped and pushed them to share resources at conferences. An interesting talk about to become teacher's of teachers. Show Host: Carol Broos Show Contributors: Tricia Fuglestad, Jennifer … [Read more...]

iDig Video #37: Cool Holiday Tech Gifts from $7K to FREE!

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The holidays are right around the corner and the iDig Video team presents their annual wish list for Tech Gifts!  We've looked at techie reviews and come up with our own dream list for what we'd like to receive (and give!) for the holidays. While there are a few high ticket items, we found some very affordable and innovative ideas for presents. Some items on the list have been around for a while, … [Read more...]

iDig Video #23: Ali Grasson & Media Literacy in the Classroom


Collaborating, Creating and Publishing are part of the keys to 21st Century learning skills in education. Ali Grasson joins the podcast to share some of the amazing things going on in her classroom. Ali discusses how she uses multimedia-based assignments to inspire her students to analyze and discover the essence of source materials and from that create original video projects.   Show … [Read more...]

Have you made learning personal this year?


As I sit back and reflect on this school year (yes, we should be doing this on a regular basis and not just at the end of the year), realizing it is already the beginning of February, I want to challenge you as parents, students, teachers, and administrators, and even the overall community to stop and reflect on this question. Have you made learning personal this year?; rather, should I … [Read more...]

Stick ’em Up!

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So I’m getting my feet wet here on The Disruptor Channel and hoping many of you are feeling inspired to put a toe in the water.  I’ll take the fact that you’re stopping by as a sign that you just might be willing to give this disrupting thing a go.  So, let’s dive in. But first let me throw you a life ring.  More on it later, but if you’re new to this role of disruptor, feel free to hold on as … [Read more...]

SummerEd: Learning Never Takes a Vacation


The summer months for students and teachers brings rest, relaxation, and reflection. For teachers, it’s a common practice as well to attend professional learning seminars, prepare new lesson plans for the next school year, and continue to search for new and creative ways to reach and teach all students. A teacher’s learning process never ends, so I got to thinking. As a father of a soon to be … [Read more...]