Flipped Learning 014: Flipping an Entire High School with Greg Green


This week on the Flipped Learning Network Show: Brett Clark fills in for Troy Cockrum this week as Guest Host and interviews Greg Green, Principal of Clintondale High School, also known as the Flipped High School.  Brett and Greg discuss how Clintondale became the Flipped High School, what benefits the school saw with Flipped Learning, how other schools can flip, what tools, services, or … [Read more...]

Flipped Learning 012: Researching the Flipped Classroom with Jerry Overmyer and Jeremy Renner

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This week on the Flipped Learning Network Show: We have a double episode this week! Troy interviewed Jerry Overmyer from Northern Colorado and Jeremy Renner from Louisville, Ky.  Both are currently doing or have done academic research on the Flipped Classroom. In the first part of the podcast, Troy and Jerry discuss his research, the research that is currently available, how Jerry got … [Read more...]

Flipped Learning 011: Writing in Math with Crystal Kirch

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This week on the Flipped Learning Network Show: Troy interviewed Crystal Kirch, a High School Math teacher from Southern California. They discuss how Crystal uses her WSQ forms to get more writing in her math classes, how she encourages higher level thinking with TWIRLS, student-made videos, Google Forms for feedback, and more. You can find Crystal's blog … [Read more...]

Flipped Classrooms: Let’s Change the Discussion


Editor's Note: Brian E. Bennett (@bennettscience) is a science teacher living in South Bend, Ind. He has spoken nationally and internationally on flipped learning, most recently speaking at ISTE 2012 in San Diego and as the opening keynote speaker at the 2012 Flipped Learning Conference in Chicago. Bennett writes frequently about flipped learning on his blog: Educator, Learner. Since Sal … [Read more...]

Flipped Learning 009: Flipping PD with Kristin Daniels

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This week on the Flipped Learning Network Show: Troy interviewed Kristin Daniels from Stillwater Area Public Schools in Minnesota.  She is  leading initiatives in Flipped PD and discusses her process in the interview.  She also discusses the exceptional growth of Flipped Learning in her district, the death of Flipped Learning, and more. You can find Kristin's website at … [Read more...]

The Life and Death of Flipped Classroom

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This is part two of a two-part post on the definition of Flipped Learning.  Part one, "I've Copyrighted 'Flipped Classroom'", discusses how the term came about and why it has many misconceptions. The Wikipedia entry for 'flip teaching' mentions the use of project-based learning (PBL) in a flipped class.  I've heard many argue that everything users claim they accomplish with flipped … [Read more...]

I’ve Copyrighted ‘Flipped Classroom’

Flipped Classroom

First, let me say, I have copyrighted the terms Flipped Classroom, Flipped Learning, Flipped Teaching and #flipclass.  No one in the media can write a story using any of the terms without consulting me.  No company can use any of these terms to promote a product without my approval.  No one can blog or tweet on the topic without my endorsement.  What?  I can't do that?  Oh, well then, I guess we … [Read more...]