Google Educast #62: Real Men Use 2-Factor Authentication

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This week on the Google Educast: As the new school years begins join hosts Chris Betcher, Fred Delventhal and Sean Williams as they discuss the latest news from the Google world of education, including turn-by-turn navigation for cyclists, Google+ improvements for Apps customers, cool things you can do with Google Reader bundles, and the highs and lows of 2-factor authentication. Get some good … [Read more...]

EdReach Show #37: Google, Plus Apps!

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This week on EdReach: The struggles with updating iPads, and the promises of a Google+ and Google Apps integration lead us to re-think the future of media and broadcasting. Show Host: Daniel Rezac Show contributors:   Scott Weidig The complete show notes are now on the EdReach Wiki.   Call us on our comment line! If you’d like to leave some feedback … [Read more...]

EdGamer 21: Google+ Games+ Classroom= ?

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On the 21st installment of EdGamer we breakdown the the recent addition of games to Google+. Can these games, or Google+ in general, be beneficial to our classroom environment? Also, we review an article that talks to the real professionals (the students!) about what they would like to see in our current school system. They have some interesting thoughts on integrating technology in our schools. … [Read more...]

Google+ Building (or Re-Building) your PLN

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Twitter just became 5 years old and many of us can remember the first time: we heard of twitter... the first time we experienced powerful collaboration on twitter... some of us can even remember our first tweet (not me, though I can imagine it was something like: "I just don't understand this..." So, for many it feels like a shock when after 5 years, thousands of tweets, hours of growing and … [Read more...]

EdCeptional Show #16: Surfing the SLP Wave with Speech Techie

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Tonight, we are Surfing the SLP Wave with Speech Techie, Sean Sweeney. Sean is a speech and language pathologist and instructional tech specialist and is the author of the blog SpeechTechie. We are very excited to have Sean with us tonight! To start our show, we each share what inspires us as professionals in the field of special education.   During News Watch, we discuss how assistive technology … [Read more...]

EdCeptional Show #15: SummerCeptional – Google +, Mac Apps, & more!

ROLL CALL: Patrick Black:  A Cleaner Youtube - an extension for Chrome, Firefox or Safari that removes all related content & comments from YouTube viewing Deb Truskey: NASA HD iPad app Your host for tonight....Jeremy Brown: ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard (FREE), Dolls House ($2.99), & Dream Place for iPad (FREE w/ $.99 in-app purchase to unlock all content)   NEWS … [Read more...]

EdRoundtable: The Future of Google+ in Education

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Welcome to the EdRoundtable. One of us will throw out an idea or question, and the roundtable adds their views. This edition of the EdRoundtable focuses on Google+ and its possible implications for education.   When Google adds G+ to Google Apps, it needs to not just be a simple "login" addition like many of the other services are that were add-ons after the main suite of Apps. … [Read more...]

Light the Fire: Learning Through “Sparks”

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A feature of Google+ that has great potential in the classroom is “Sparks.” “Sparks brings you stories on the things you love from all across the Web, so it's easy to strike up meaningful conversations with your friends.” Setting up your Sparks is super easy. Simply type in some key words into the search box and Google+ builds a stream of information for you. Sharing these links with your … [Read more...]