Google Educast #145: OK Google: What’s On The Educast?


This Week on the Google Educast: Google+ now makes it easier for you to share your memories. Fred talks about YouTube rejecting RSS feeds. Juan and Kevin talk waaaaay too long about Google vs. Apple in the branding wars, but they don’t apologize. The gang gets excited as the preview of Google Classroom nears. They also welcome 100 new invitees to the Google Certified Teacher Academy and offer … [Read more...]

Shannen Doherty, Dancing Babies, and Why All Education Lead Gen Sucks


One unexpected happy outcome of declining enrollments at for-profit schools and their related focus on improved student academic measures has been the dramatic decrease in the broader industry's god-awful ads. This has been less happy for actresses like Shannen Doherty or that girl who claimed to go to school in herpajamas, whose collective work for Education Connection filled many a late hour … [Read more...]

EdGamer 106: Death in Sakkara Is Alive!


This week on EdGamer 106 we take off the training wheels and use Google Hangouts On Air without any assistance. Scary...but not as scary as the return of Death in Sakkara. This is the great 1920’s Egyptian murder mystery game created by Preloaded.  This was one of Zack’s favorite classroom games that was removed by the BBC because of website upgrades.  It is back from the dead!  We also discuss … [Read more...]

How I Ate My Dog Food at TEDx Monterey


One of the several unpopular assignments I force upon my students is the Sophomore Speech. I am capitalizing Sophomore Speech because it has become a thing at our school … a proper thing. Every single one of my 10th grade students is required to write a personal essay and convert it into a speech to be delivered in front of the entire school during our assembly period we call Break. The … [Read more...]

Google Drive to Microsoft Office Workflow

drive vs office.031

  Last week I gave a talk to a great group of department managers at the University of California Santa Cruz. They’re going Google with Apps for EDU, so they asked me to give them an overview. I fielded several questions about formatting, as is often the case. “How can I format two words in one cell differently in Google Sheets?” “You can’t.” “How can I format my text document … [Read more...]

EdGamer 78: Enlightened or Resistance?

Edgamer 280

  This week on Episode 78 of EdGamer we look ahead to the exciting new world of Google Ingress. Plus we feature some great classroom resources by Zack and a review of the first week of his game club at his school. Don’t ‘resist’ becoming ‘enlightened’...Tune-in and level-up!       Show Host: Zack Gilbert Show Contributor: Gerry James Here's our Show … [Read more...]

LiTTech #49: Social Media for Your Library


This week on LiTTech: Emily and Addie are joined by public librarians Amanda and Samatha for a chat about strategies to put your library out there using social media. What works, what doesn't, and what we're not so sure about yet. Show Host: Emily Thompson Show contributors: Addie Matteson, Amanda Goodman, and Samantha Helmick. Leave us some feedback! Contact us with any … [Read more...]