5 Reasons iWork for iCloud is no Google Drive iKiller, Yet


On Tuesday Apple had a little product announcement that made the bloggosphere ‘splode with excitement. The most interesting part for me as fully committed Google Drive fan-middle-aged-man is the iWork for iCloud beta announcement. Like Google Drive, the iWork suite is now free, and like Google Drive, it offers real-time collaboration. Sorry Microsoft SkyDrive 365 Office Sharepoint. If you don’t … [Read more...]

Google Drive to Microsoft Office Workflow

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  Last week I gave a talk to a great group of department managers at the University of California Santa Cruz. They’re going Google with Apps for EDU, so they asked me to give them an overview. I fielded several questions about formatting, as is often the case. “How can I format two words in one cell differently in Google Sheets?” “You can’t.” “How can I format my text document … [Read more...]

iDig Video #008 Intro2 Cinematography

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All about cinematography! The first of three shows focusing on how to introduce students to cinematography - camera shots, camera movements, storyboarding and some great project ideas you can use in class. We'll discuss how to use the opening of Spielberg's E.T. as a great model for students to see the principles of cinematography in action. Also Hot Topics of the week: Emerging ways to share and … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #33 – Google, iPads And Apps…Oh My!

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Mobile Reach #33 - Google, iPads and Apps...Oh My!  Chad, Judi and Tammy talk more about Google Drive now that it's been out a week.  We share out some apps for use in the classroom or for school events and Chad shares a project he's working on with 5th graders using iPads as this week's #eduwin. Show Host: Chad Kafka (@chadkafka) Co-Hosts: Judi Epcke (@jepcke), Tammy Lind (@taml17) The … [Read more...]

iDig Video #006 Video Apps and Social Media Policies!!

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Don Goble from St. Louis re-joins us for the second part of our podcast on Video in the Classroom.  Don is a real pioneer in changing antiquated social media policies that are holding students  and teachers back in many school districts. Also an overview of some of the best Video Apps you can use in k-12 classrooms. What video apps are you using? What kind of innovative stuff are you doing with … [Read more...]

Google Educast #045: Drive it Home

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This week on the Google Educast: On Air Conference next week! Google Drive is HERE, plus check out mypermissions.org. Google is selling SketchUp to Trimble -- how will this impact educators and students? Google News and Google News Archive -- amazing resource! Photo Tours in Google Maps, Pixorial and other Chrome Apps that work with Google Drive. Help Will Kimbley with a usability study of his … [Read more...]

Mobile Reach #32 – Google Drive: Into the Wild

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Mobile Reach #32 - Google Drive: Into the Wild  Chad and Judi joined by friend and colleague Sue Gorman (Racine, WI).  We discuss some articles we found related to mobile learning in the classroom and dive into Google Drive which was just released this week.   Chad shares a way that he garnered some movie tickets using Google Voice.  We also share out some Mobile Apps and Sue shares an … [Read more...]

Google Educast #044: He’s Dead There Too

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This week on the Google Educast: Google Drive, self-driving cars, Chromebooks, and Cloud Print. Forms, Fusion Tables, and a cool demo of Google Correlate. New options to insert images into Docs from your webcam or search LIFE Magazine, English Teacher Hangout, check out your Gmail usage, and look how smart spell-check is in Docs! Create a self-grading rubric with Google Forms thanks to California … [Read more...]