EdGamer Episode 131.132: Oculus FaceRift


This week on EdGamer 131.132 we catch up on a lot of Games and Learning news. If you are looking for EdGamer 131 it is out there, but according to Zack it will be referred to as a lost episode. In EdGamer 131.132 we discuss Zack’s visit to SXSWedu and a selfie with Nolan Bushnell who is working on a project called BrainRush. We also discuss Facebook’s purchase of Oculus Rift, a local Maker school, … [Read more...]

The BackChannel # 014: A Conversation With Scott

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This week on The BackChannel: This week, I invited Scott Meech in for a chat.  Scott & I have a mutual admiration society, I think, in place.  I admire him -- he likes to chat with me!  So, in a way, this conversation was a Christmas gift to me -- a chat with Scott.  He is VERY VERY knowledgeable about Apps  - so I invite you to sit back and enjoy!   Links for … [Read more...]

LiTTech #49: Social Media for Your Library


This week on LiTTech: Emily and Addie are joined by public librarians Amanda and Samatha for a chat about strategies to put your library out there using social media. What works, what doesn't, and what we're not so sure about yet. Show Host: Emily Thompson Show contributors: Addie Matteson, Amanda Goodman, and Samantha Helmick. Leave us some feedback! Contact us with any … [Read more...]

Social Media: Are we teaching our kids to have the “Great Debate?”


I've had this kind of sick feeling in my stomach over the past few days. I don't know if I'm getting tired of social media, over-loaded with social media, or just disenfranchised with it altogether. I'm just not satisfied with what's happening there. And I'm starting to wonder if we're setting the right example for our students with our own social media behavior. Twitter, Facebook, now Google+: … [Read more...]

EduNationCast #31: Schools Need Social Media Directors?!

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This week on the EduNationCast... We discuss LAUSD's somewhat controversial decision to hire a social media coordinator.  Find out why we think it's a good decision. Videos of the week (link to the segment): Dan Rezac: Prelude to War James Sanders: Men of Steel  Jim Sill: Turn Me On Adam Shares: Bill Cosby’s Commencement Speech 2012 Diane Shares: Our Digital Footprint (audio … [Read more...]