Are Parent/Teacher Conferences Worth Your Time?

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I remember as a kid waiting for my parents to get home from parent/teacher conferences. I would try and watch TV or read a book or play on the Atari, (yes, I said Atari) but I just couldn’t concentrate.  I was too worried about what my teachers were going to say.  Even though I knew exactly what my teachers were going to say.  I knew this because they said the same thing every year to my parents. … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable 31: Conferences, Connecting, and Collaborating

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This week on the aRTs Roundtable we talk how important it is as arts educators to ATTEND conferences face-to-face. There are lots of opportunities within each state to attend conferences where you can see and connect with "like" educators. In Illinois, the NICE conference is being held on Saturday, January 26, 2013 at Niles North. Tricia is presenting at an iPad drawing class. Jen is presenting … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable 27: Conference Presenting, YOU Can Do IT!

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This week on the aRTs Roundtable we talk about the conference season and the connections you can make face-to-face and virtually. Show Host: Carol Broos Show Contributors: Tricia Fuglestad  and Jennifer Kolze Show wiki: edreach wiki l l l l Tricia’s video on K12online "Teaching in a Technology Rich and Connected Classroom" Scribd - Permission to post, copy, share, and use any … [Read more...]

EdGamer 58: Crystle Martin of UW-Madison

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  EdGamer 58 is back with another great guest! This week we welcome Crystle Martin from UW-Madison and the GLS Conference. Crystle joins us to chat about her recent dissertation defense and all of her exciting future plans! This is another can't miss episode of EdGamer on the EdReach network. Tune-in!   Show Host: Zack Gilbert Show Contributor: Gerry James Guest: Crystle … [Read more...]

EdGamer 56: GLS Conference (Two Crazy Nights in Madison)

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  We’re packing up EdGamer and taking it on the road this week as we visit and review the Games+Learning+Society Conference in Madison, Wisconsin. Join us for an interesting discussion on the current state of gaming and education. There was enough information, food, and fantastic people to fill a lengthy podcast, but we managed to select a few highlights! If you are an EdGamer fan you … [Read more...]

EdGamer Special: On the Road at GLS!

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This week, Gerry, half of the EdGamer team, took a trip to the Games+Learning+Society Conference (GLS8) in Madison, Wisconsin. This annual conference, in its 8th year, is the pinnacle event in the gaming and learning (education) world and features guest speakers and committee members such as Dr. James Paul Gee (ASU), Dr. Kurt Squire (UW-Madison), Crystle Martin (UW-Madison) and Eric Zimmerman … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable #14: Theresa McGee, Extraordinary Art Teacher and Collaborator

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  This week on the aRTs Roundtable we talk to Theresa McGee, a Kindergarten through Fifth Grade art teacher from Hinsdale, Illinois. Her focus on collaborative projects such as "Pinwheels for Peace" has morphed into an international activity. She won the 2011 PBS Innovation Award and contributes to the blog "The Teaching Palette," which has won several awards. Show Host: Carol … [Read more...]

EdGamer 39: The Inner Circle of Games and Learning


  Check out EdGamer 39 for another witty episode of Zack and Gerry running through your favorite gaming and education topics. This week we decipher the cryptic (or just incredibly cool) inner circle of gaming and learning that stretches from MIT to Wisconsin to Arizona. We also track down some of Bill Gates’ money and find out how it is being used to support gaming and education. Finally, … [Read more...]