Delivery of large amounts of goods from many countries is done with the help of container ships. Today, this method of delivery is becoming more and more popular. The container is made of durable aluminum or steel, and is used for transportation and storage of transported goods. The containers are divided into groups depending on the volume, ways of fastening, the mass of the cargo being transported. Containers are divided into the following types:

1. Standard dimensions;

2. Non-standard (high) containers;

3. Ventilated and open containers;

4. Refrigerated containers;

5. Containers for bulk cargo and tank containers (for liquid cargo).

The positive moments of container transportation include the following:

1. Ensuring the safety and security of cargo. All containers after the goods are loaded are sealed. This allows you to prevent theft of goods during ro-ro of goods in Hamburg and shipment. In addition, the container is a reliable protection against weather events and possible damage to the goods carried;

2. When carrying out multimodal transportations, a container can save a large amount of time, since a change in the mode of transport in this case occurs by overloading the whole container. For example, the sea transport of any cargo implies the mandatory use of rail or road transport for the delivery of goods inland. The container allows the fastest possible transshipment of all goods;

3. The financial benefit of container transportation is also that the processing of goods (packaging and packaging) requires a minimum of costs;

4. The use of container transport allows you to deliver a larger quantity of goods at a time. This is especially great when carrying out shipments by sea or rail.

To a few negative moments of container transportation it is possible to name:

1. Low speed of delivery of cargo, the need of ship management can be done by port agent in Hamburg which is the largest sea port. Sea container transportations depend entirely on weather conditions. Alternatively, rail transport can be performed, which is characterized by higher speed and reasonable prices;

2. The main disadvantage of container transportation is the payment of container rental round-trip. Provided that upon arrival and unloading of the goods at the destination point, the customer was able to fill the container and ship it with the goods in the return way, the payback of this type of transportation increases.