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ToolZeit – Tellagami – Our New Favorite App

September 13, 2013 10:09 am

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ToolZeit – Tellagami – Our New Favorite App

What’s it do?

We learned about Tellagami from a post in the iPad Ed community on Google+ . It quickly became our new favorite. Tellagami allows you to create a single slide presentation, digital story, etc. You get a customizable avatar that is animated on a background of your choosing. You then can record a voice or type in words for your avatar to speak.

Basic Features

The avatar is customizable with many options including hair, eye color, clothing, skin tone and more.

Many different male and female voices.

Record your own voice.

Save and share to multiple sources.

How do you see it being used by an educator or student?

Tellagami is one of those tools that can be used many different ways in the classroom. Students can use it to share what they learned about a topic, summarize a book, a short autobiography, tell about a particular thing on a field trip. The possibilities are limitless. A teacher may use Tellagami to introduce a new topic, deliver a writing prompt, and more.

How we rate it:

Ease of Use – 5

Looks/Aesthetics/Design – 5

Editing/Customization/Feature set – 5

Bang for the buck – 5

Educator/Classroom Value – 5

Overall Rating – 5

Cost – Free


Tellagami iOS App Store

Tellagami Web Site

Tellagami Youtube Channel

Paul Hamilton’s Tellagami Project Video


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