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ToolZeit – Flipboard

February 4, 2013 11:57 am

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ToolZeit – Flipboard

What’s it do?

Flipboard is an app for iOS and Android that puts feeds from blogs, social networks and more into a magazine format for a great looking reader tool.

Basic Features

Easily add feeds from multiple sources.

Page turns and graphics look great.

Create an account to get the same content on multiple devices.

How do you see it being used by an educator or student?

Flipboard can be used to deliver moderated content to your students in a very nice looking way. You can pull content from services that offer an RSS feed such as blogs, Youtube, Twitter, and more.

We got this idea from the iPads at Burley blog and built upon it. We see this could also make a great way for schools that blog to share their content with a tag line like “Add us to your Flipboard”. Libraries could create an account just with different feeds about books and authors. This also works for delivering youtube content for specific channels.

Older students can create their own account with suggested or required readings and viewings.

NOTE: In normal use there is no way to lock down the account so unsupervised students can add content that the teacher doesn’t approve. On an iPad running iOS 6 or greater you could try Guided Access in the accessibility settings keep students from adding or removing content.

How we rate it:

Ease of Use (How easy is it to learn and get started? Navigation is easy or difficult.) – 5

Looks/Aesthetics/Design (How does it look.) – 5

Editing/Customization/Feature set (Can you make it work the way you want it? Use it in different ways or is it totally locked down or very few features )  – 5

Bang for the buck (Is it cost effective? Freenium and Pricing Plans, Education Deals? Trial version available??) – 5

Educational Value (Meets the needs of teachers and/or students in or out of the classroom)  – 5

Overall Rating – 5

Cost – Free


Flipboard Android app

Flipboard iOS app

Thanks to Michelle Nash at iPads at Burley for the idea and blog post.

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