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ToolZeit – Bitsboard

February 1, 2013 11:35 am

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ToolZeit – Bitsboard

What’s it do?

Bitsboard is a flashcard app that turns flashcards into a matching game, sentence builder, and even more games.

Basic Features

Over 100,000 flashcards available.

Ready-made boards include Fry Words, English 101, Emotions, Numbers, Different increments of time and world languages.

Easily editable including adding words, record any voice or sound, use your own pictures, delete parts you don’t want, etc.

Sync your boards to multiple devices.

How do you see it being used by an educator or student?

Students can use this for fact memorization, review and more. Teachers could use this tool for individualized practice, groups and learning centers. We also could see students creating their own boards based on what has been covered in class. Combining this with a drawing tool such as Drawing Pad or Skitch, pictures could be created for identifying parts of a diagram or object.

This tool works with words, pictures, sound and touch so it is multimodal.

Although many of the pre-made boards are elementary focused, the customization  features can be used by older students to create their own boards.

Bitsboard has had 2 major upgrades in as many months and just keeps getting better and better.

How we rate it:

Ease of Use (How easy is it to learn and get started? Navigation is easy or difficult.) – 5

Looks/Aesthetics/Design (How does it look.) – 5

Editing/Customization/Feature set (Can you make it work the way you want it? Use it in different ways or is it totally locked down or very few features )  – 5

Bang for the buck (Is it cost effective? Freenium and Pricing Plans, Education Deals? Trial version available??) – 5

Educational Value (Meets the needs of teachers and/or students in or out of the classroom)  – 5

Overall Rating – 5

Cost – Free




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