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ToolZeit – Aurasma – An Easy Augmented Reality Tool

April 3, 2013 7:00 am

ToolZeit – Aurasma – An Easy Augmented Reality Tool


What’s it do?

First, what is augmented reality (AR)? It’s the overlay of information when viewing something in the real world through a mobile device.

Aurasma is an iOS universal app as well as an Android app that allows you to overlay video and images on top of items that you have in the environment around you. Forget QR codes. QR codes require a multi-step process create, print and display. With Aurasma you can create a trigger with anything you can take a picture of. You can cause a video or image to be displayed when someone aims their mobile device camera at the same object or image.

Basic Features

Free account

Create Auras from anything.

How do you see it being used by an educator or student?

Aurasma is one of those tools that is limited only by an educator’s own imagination. Some initial starting point ideas are using Aurasma for to create a school tour for visitors or new students with students and teachers doing a quick video introduction to different areas of the school. At a science fair, students could do video descriptions of their hypothesis, process and conclusions. Art projects around school can come to life as the student artists appear from the art work to tell about their artwork. QR codes have been used for years for scavenger hunts in libraries and school nature areas. Almost anywhere you can use QR codes you can use Aurasma.  Imagine videos coming out of a book cover to tell you about a clue or give you a student review of the book.

How we rate it:

Ease of Use (How easy is it to learn and get started? Navigation is easy or difficult.) – 4

Looks/Aesthetics/Design (How does it look.) – 4

Editing/Customization/Feature set (Can you make it work the way you want it? Use it in different ways or is it totally locked down or very few features )  – 5

Bang for the buck (Is it cost effective? Freenium and Pricing Plans, Education Deals? Trial version available??) – 5

Educator/Classroom Value (Meets the needs of teachers and/or students in or out of the classroom)  – 5

Overall Rating – 5

Cost – Free


Aurasma iOS universal app

(iPad 1s not compatible)

Aurasma Android devices with enough processing power and a rear facing camera

Aurasma information for schools–I-am-a-school-university-library-museum-or-non-profit-group-What-option-is-best-for-me-

Expand the possibilities by becoming an Aurasma partner and get access to the powerful Aurasma Studio


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