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Google Educast #111: Got a Question? Google Helpouts are Coming!

August 23, 2013 4:21 pm

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Kevin Brookhouser


Google-Educast-Logo-LargeThis Week on the Google Educast:

Under Kevin’s supervision the Educast gang takes a look at upcoming Google Helpouts as well as the smarter Omnibox in Chrome. Is supervising Chrome users a useful idea in the classroom? What about having five ways to destroy an address in Google Maps? The crew also discusses uses and merits of the new Chrome extension – TLDR, Too Long Didn’t Read. Another groovy Chrome app, Keep, adds location based reminders. Win! The show wraps up with Fred sharing some great Forms tips and tricks!

Hosts: Sean Williams, Fred Delventhal, Juan Deluca.

Here’s our Show Notes! 

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