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FlipBoard and Your iPad 1:1

July 23, 2013 1:43 pm

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FLIPBOARD LOGOThere’s no doubt that curating content for students is becoming a skill many tech savvy educators need in order to navigate the 21st century classroom. There are some tools and apps out there that allow you to do this in various ways, but few allow you to curate content in such a pleasurable way as FlipBoard.

This workshop, hosted by Mia Quigliarello and featuring Sue Waters of Edublogs.com gives a great overview about the benefits and tips for using FlipBoard in the classroom with students.

In addition to this workshop, FlipBoard has just released some major updates to their platform that you’re not going to want to miss! Now- anyone can read FlipBoard Magazines directly from the Web! You’ll definitely want to check out the EdReach Magazine:

#EduWin: Ultimate Education Successes

Also, FlipBoard has a new section dedicated  to causes. Definitely check that out as well! Another great tip that came out of this workshop was how to flag inappropriate content- which FlipBoard is dedicated to making sure educators understand how to do. Click here for a quick tip. Enjoy!

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