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Flipped Learning 113: Innovative Professional Development Ideas from Lisa Palmieri

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This week on the Flipped Learning Network Show: This episode of the podcast, Troy Cockrum and Joan Brown interview Lisa Palmieri, Director of Technology  & Learning Innovation for The Ellis School in Pittsburgh about innovative ways to implement professional development in schools.  The three discuss the Innovation Fellows Program she created at her school as well as... … [Read more...]

Google Educast 163 – YouRock on YouTube


This Week on the Google Educast: The whole band is (almost) back together! Check out the experts directory to find a trainer near you! What would you do with a *huge* tablet in the classroom? How to change your status in Hangouts and get your teaching on without embarrassing messages from your friends.  Tough lessons in sharing Creative Commons content, plus screencasting from your phone. All this … [Read more...]

Providing Structure In Order To Foster A Little Independence For Our Students. Your weekly school climate intervention.

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Providing Structure In Order To Foster A Little Independence For Our Students. Student Mission- Instead of asking your teacher or your parents what to do now after  completing a task use your best judgement  and experience to find something positive  to do. Staff & Parents- Make a list of things your students and children can […] … [Read more...]

4 Habits Of Teachers That Just Have “It” – Part 1 by Sam Stecher

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Do you ever hear educators talk about how some teachers just have “it” whatever “it”  may be when it comes to bonding with students? I agree that some teachers do have a  certain something, a difficult to define quality, that makes them inherently better at  fostering the relationships supporting a positive classroom climate. What I […] … [Read more...]

EdGamer 148: The Gameful Classroom With Bob De Schutter

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In EdGamer 148 we are joined by Bob De Schutter (MA, PhD). Bob is a C. Michael Armstrong Professor at the College of Education, Health & Society and the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies of Miami University (Oxford, OH). His interdisciplinary research and teaching interests include game design, the older audience of digital games, and the use of digital games for … [Read more...]

EdGamer 147: Katya And Kathy Explain What Is Needed For Edtech Success

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In EdGamer 147 we are joined by two amazing educators, Katya Hott and Kathy Yu Burek. Katya is a User Testing Lead, Project Manager at BrainPOP. Kathy manages and designs key aspects of Classroom, Inc.’s learning games and programs to provide engaging learning experiences. They are going to share their expertise of going from the classroom to the edtech/edgame industry. They believe that teachers … [Read more...]