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Flipped Learning 116: Learning by Making with Dr. Kylie Peppler

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This week on the Flipped Learning Network Show: This episode of the podcast, Troy Cockrum and Joan Brown interviews Dr. Kylie Peppler, Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences at Indiana University, about Learning by making. The three discuss Makerspaces, e-textiles, arduinos, getting women in STEM, and more. Kylie’s work can be found at Creativity Labs and You... … [Read more...]

Making the iPad a Robust School Instructional Platform


In the last four years, millions of iPads have been deployed in schools across the US, generating headlines both for their positive impact on student outcomes as well as stories of more challenged roll-outs. But institutions need to realize tablets represent a long-term project to implement new educational practices in their classroom.  The following article […] … [Read more...]

Google Educast 166 – Hard Habit to Break


This Week on the Google Educast: Custom message for lost and disabled  Chromebooks via the dashboard is available, Fiber coming to four big cities soon and some fun app makers recently acquired by Google has great implications. Mixing up the format a little this week, Fred leads the gang in sharing some ideas for habits to break for the New Year. These include some great tips and tricks to make … [Read more...]

Flipped Learning 115: Classroom Design with Erin Klein

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This week on the Flipped Learning Network Show: This episode of the podcast, Troy Cockrum interviews Erin Klein, a 2nd Grade Teacher in Michigan, about classroom design.  The two discuss the research behind color choice, seat and work space arrangements, designing on a budget, and more. Erin referenced a great resource at Classroom Cribs. You can also... … [Read more...]

Sportsmanship- Your School Climate Intervention

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Good Sportsmanship Students, Parents, Staff, and Volunteers- During recess, practice, or a competition when something doesn’t go your let go of your frustration, say something positive, and get your head back in the game. Mark Johnson and Sam Stecher tweet @mc_bossy and @samuelstecher respectively and @Mission_Monday collectively. Check us out at where we give you plan […] … [Read more...]