Are you interested in taking education forward? If you’re interested in being a contributor  (podcasts / blogging or other) to EdReach, then visit our Contributors Signup Page. Our other positions are below:


For all the Spring, Summer and Fall internship opportunities, please send a resume/CV, dates of availability, and letter of interest to: interns AT


For all the positions below, please send a resume and letter of interest to:  jobs AT



Summer Journalism Interns:

EdReach is always looking for dedicated interns who need experience and are looking to take education forward. If you’re interested in writing for EdReach as an intern, interested in building up your social profile, send your inquiry to: interns AT We want people who will travel to conferences with us, blog and report on the latest, but to also re-envision how education is viewed in the media. This is a great chance to re-make education in the news.

Audio/Visual Tech Interns:

EdReach is seeking and audio/visual interns who have a good understanding of audio and video Internet publishing, Skype, Google+ Hangouts, etc., and are willing to learn on the job. If you’re interested in being an audio/visual guru for EdReach, send us an inquiry at: interns AT


Full/ Part Time Positions: 

Nothing available at this time. Thanks!