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ToolZeit – – Helping Teachers Score Oral Reading November 1, 2013 10:10 am

ToolZeit – – Helping Teachers Score Oral Reading is a website that teachers can use this to track and monitor student progress in reading. Teachers create an account and then add their class list. Teachers can pick leveled readers for each student. Students login and record their reading of the passage selected for them by the teacher. Literably analyzes and scores the reading.

ToolZeit – Loopy Tunes – It Just Got Better October 30, 2013 10:16 am

ToolZeit – Loopy Tunes – It Just Got Better

We reviewed Loopy Tunes back in January of 2013. We are excited because it just got another update and you can now record the music your students make. It also now available under the Volume Purchase Pricing program for schools in the U.S.

See our original review here

ToolZeit – Video Star October 28, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Video Star

If your life changed in 1981 with the MTV revolution the App Video Star will have a similar effect. This app is a revolutionary music video app that allows the user to record an amazing music video utilizing a build in music library, teleprompter song lyrics, special effects, and simple editing. After the video is completed it can be saved out to your camera roll or uploaded directly to Youtube. And did I say fun? This is one of the most fun video apps that I have seen in a long time appealing to young budding music video makers to those veterans that were transformed by MTV in the early 80’s.

ToolZeit – Videolicious October 25, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Videolicious

Videolicious is an iOS app for easily creating videos and slideshows. You can select up to 10 pictures or video clips with the free version and then add your narration and music.

Basic Features

From their app page:
Brand New Features:
Instantly filter multiple videos + photos at once
Talk and tap to magically line up your narration
Record or import a story, or just add music
Instantly preview your movie combination
Post HD videos on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube
Email gorgeous HD video postcards
All new free cinematic soundtracks

ToolZeit – Too Noisy October 23, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Too Noisy

Too Noisy is an iOS universal app to measure the sound level of your classroom. There is an ad supported free version and also a paid version without ads. We are reviewing the free version.

Basic Features

It features settings to control the sensitivity of the meter.

The free version has both visual and audio clues when the sound gets too loud.

Pro version includes things like recording your own alarm and star rewards.

ToolZeit – News-O-Matic October 21, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – News-O-Matic

News-O-Matic an interactive newspaper delivered to your kids or classroom every day. You get 5 news stories each day written for kids 7-11 years old. News stories include other facts, ways students can take action based on the content and other extras. Registered users (free registration) can draw pictures based on the stories and comment to the newsroom where a real person will answer back. There are also a few games. This is a great way to bring high interest, non-fiction reading into your classroom.

ToolZeit – Over October 18, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Over

What’s it do?

Very simple text over photo app.

Basic Features

Add text over a photo
Add graphics/artwork
Edit text
Many font choices
Share to Twitter, Facebook, path, instagram, email, postcard, pinterest,google drive, dropbox, sync with many photo apps.
Save to camera roll

ToolZeit – Seene – 3-D Without The Glasses October 16, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Seene – 3-D Without The Glasses

There are things that a 2 dimensional picture can’t properly capture. We can see using Seene to capture and share artwork such as sculptures, classroom projects such as models and dioramas. We just wish there was more control over the “Discover” feature so we didn’t get any unexpected surprises. Also needing to create an account is understandable but would require a teacher to sign in for those schools that don’t have student email accounts.

ToolZeit – Pixlr Express Plus October 14, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Pixlr Express Plus

Intuitive and creative photo editor for iOS and Android devices. In addition to 14 fully customizable photo editing tools such as cropping, auto fix, and rotate, there are full packages of effect filters, overlays, borders, stickers and text. The app also provides a photo collage option. There are limitless ways to customize your photos in this fully packed digital darkroom. This is a photo editing app that is comparable to iPhoto that has tons more personality and pizazz.

ToolZeit – Weird But True October 11, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Weird But True

Weird But True by National Geographic is an easy to read ebook app for iPhones and iPads. The ebook is a fun read for interesting and amazing facts about science and more. Students can save facts as favorites and rate facts using a weird-o-meter. There are different fact pacts available for in-app purchase but the free version comes with a lot of facts. This app is weird and a lot of fun.

ToolZeit – Barefoot World Atlas – The New Primary Classroom Globe October 9, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Barefoot World Atlas – The New Primary Classroom Globe

Barefoot World Atlas is a 3-D interactive globe that allows students to explore the world. As you move around and zoom in you can see animated icons for interesting items for different countries. The country information includes current weather and time which unique and a great use of technology. The information is presented in short easy to digest snippets that can all be read aloud.

ToolZeit – iMajicam Pro – Realtime Video Effects October 7, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – iMajicam Pro – Realtime Video Effects

If you like applying special effects and filters to both video and photos you have to check out this app. It not only offers over 110 filters but it allows you to combine filters and customize them allowing the user to unleash their own mixology and create over 1000s of effects. These are applied to live video and photos or pre-existing photos from your camera roll. Videos are saved to your camera roll. Photos can be saved out to instagram, twitter, facebook, or saved to camera roll.

ToolZeit – – Comprehensible Content and Vocabulary for English Language Learners October 4, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – – Comprehensible Content and Vocabulary for English Language Learners

Rewordify is a website that takes passages of text and makes them easier to understand by replacing complex words and phrases with more common words and terms. This helps turn confusing or advanced content into comprehensible content for English language learners as well as all students. You can choose 3 different styles of word replacement. In addition, Rewordify allows teachers to create multiple types of quizzes with a single click. They also do leveled reading analysis. A teacher can choose to work with reading passages, a single web page or a whole web site.

ToolZeit – Newsela – Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events Education October 2, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Newsela – Nonfiction Literacy and Current Events Education

Newsela, currently in beta, is a site for educators to use for nonfiction literacy and current events. Teachers can create an account and then give a signup code to their students. The student will automatically be added to the class. From there teachers can assign different news stories to their students. What makes Newsela different is that the teacher can differentiate each article for each of their students. Some of the articles include quizzes to assess student comprehension and learning.

ToolZeit – SkySafari 3 – A Planetarium For Every Student September 30, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – SkySafari 3 – A Planetarium For Every Student

SkySafari 3 is your portable guide to the stars and planets. It’s like having a pocket planetarium. Using this app and device that has a compass or gyroscope you can see where everything is in sky by pointing it in any direction. It can even show you what planets and stars are hidden by the sun in daylight. SkySafari is also a wealth of knowledge providing a ton of data about planets and stars. If you teach astronomy, even at the youngest ages this app has a place in your classroom.

ToolZeit – Ubersense Coach – EdTech for P.E. Teachers September 27, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Ubersense Coach – EdTech for P.E. Teachers

Ubersense Coach is a video app that allows coaches and P.E. teachers the ability analyze, teach and coach like never before. Teachers can record the students doing a skill and then annotate the video by drawing on the screen and even dictate things the student should do to improve. Ubersense also allows for slow motion analysis, side by side comparison of videos and even video overlay for skill analysis.

ToolZeit – Fall Changes – Learn about how nature changes during the autumn season in this book with words and photographs by Ellen Senisi (by Auryn Apps) September 25, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – Fall Changes – Learn about how nature changes during the autumn season in this book with words and photographs by Ellen Senisi (by Auryn Apps)

Fall Changes is book app for the iPad about the changes students can expect to see as the seasons turn from summer to autumn. It offers 3 different reading modes: Read myself, Autoplay, and Read To Me. In the narrated version each word is highlighted as it is read. You can personalize the book by adding your own text and recordings to every page. A nice easy reader from the developers of Auryn Apps.

ToolZeit – GameUp – Simple Machines September 23, 2013 10:00 am

ToolZeit – GameUp – Simple Machines

GameUp – Simple Machines is a free game on to help students learn about how simple machines can help make hard jobs easier. The game is hosted on BrainPOP’s GameUp site. Simple Machines is a game by The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago. Students help a character named Twitch retrieve robot parts late at night in the museum. The simple machines used in the game include inclined plane, levers, pulleys, and wheel and axle.