Giving Thanks for Apps that Assist


A colleague of mine recently asked me to share my top ten favorite apps for “Special Education in the Inclusive Classroom”, which is actually something that I am asked to do quite often. Unfortunately, that list does not exist. In the realm of using technology as assistive technology for individuals with special needs, it is extremely important that it be about the individual. What are the … [Read more...]

5 Opportunities to Get iPods & iPads Into Your Classroom


Educators often question how they can acquire iPods and iPads to use in their own classrooms, especially when so many districts are experiencing serious budget crunches. Many feel that that it just isn’t possible because their districts don’t have the money or don’t believe mobile technology is worth investing in. I know how you feel; I have been there. And here's my advice: stop waiting for the … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Is Not Embraced


I recently read a blog entry on the frustration that more teachers don't use social media in their classrooms. The writer, a recent college graduate, wondered why? Why is this technology not embraced? It is after all our students' language. Why do so many schools say "power down" or "lids down?” Or some will say, “using social media has no place in schools. That’s playtime.” I believe educating … [Read more...]

Independence for All

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From Teaching All Students The EdCeptional Crew is taking a few days this week to visit the Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) conference in Schaumburg.  This conference focuses on helping all individuals be more independent in their education and life in general.  What has struck me about being at this conference is the focus on independence. I had the opportunity to share … [Read more...]

EdCeptional #21 – iOS 5 for All

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Tonight we focus on iOS 5 and many of the accessibility features that have been added.  Some of our favorites are text expander, Siri & volume as a photo shutter. Show Host: Anne Truger (@atruger) Show Guest:  Tricia Lazzaro (@tlazzaro11) Show contributors: Patrick Black (@teachntech00) Deb Truskey (@debtruskey) Subscribe to The EdCeptional Podcast on iTunes Subscribe to the … [Read more...]

EduNationCast 005: YouTube Launches into Space

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This week on The EduNationCast: We lament in the aftermath of Steve Jobs' death and what that could mean to school districts who have lots of Apple buy-in. Diane shares a great tutorial tool called, James shows how YouTube is launching kids into space with, and our Final Question tonight:  Should schools be like Google offices? This Week's Contributors:  Adam … [Read more...]

Real Quick… Have You Seen the Qwiki App?

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Here at EdReach, we are big fans of the educational tool Qwiki. (Did you notice the Qwiki of the Day on the sidebar?) For those of you who have not yet have the pleasure of experiencing Qwiki, it is a fantastic tool that allows you to learn about literally millions of different topics in a matter of moments. According to Wikipedia, “Qwiki is a platform that creates interactive, on-the-fly, … [Read more...]

1:1 iPads in Michigan

Southfield Christian School Launches a 1:1 iPad Program

I'm excited to announce that next year my school, Southfield Christian, is launching a 1:1 iPad initiative in our high school. All students in grades 9-12 will receive an iPad to take home and keep for the entire school year. We have been planning and preparing for this even for over a year. Our decision to go with the iPad had to do with the cost:feature ratio, ease of use, maintenance track … [Read more...]