Time for the post-grad school job hunt . . . Good Luck!


I want to start by saying congratulations to all the newly minted librarians out there. You just got your MLS or MLIS or MSI (or ALA-accredited equivalent) and are off to start your path changing the world of Information for the better. But first you have to get the job. I’m not going to lie to you, this coming summer will be a  very long and incredibly short one. But you can do it! There are a … [Read more...]

Copyright: One Step Forward, and Two Steps Back


It’s been an interesting couple of weeks in the land of what you own. I’ve talked about ownership before and how it’s changing as the world becomes more connected. The flat Internet does not play well with the concept of “things” and “buying.” Libraries in particular are concerned about ownership because the entire reason we get away with loaning out things for free is the First Sale Doctrine. … [Read more...]

The Wait is Over


Ok, so I was all set to get all huffy about the Six Strikes thing that the companies we pay for a service are inflicting upon us. (Seriously, the RIAA and the MPAA are a combination of the grumpy old person who shouts, “Get off my lawn!” and a spoiled six-year-old who takes his toys and breaks up the game when he’s not winning). But, hey, just go watch this patronizing video and think to yourself, … [Read more...]

The Snowball has Started Rolling


Two weeks down, and boy do I feel popular. In addition to my usual Library Instruction classes for the Psychology department, there has been a distinct uptick in requests for “Learning Technology” classes, not to mention requests for presentations at department or committee meetings to talk about what's up at the Library (sometimes with my Partner in Crime, Dan Laird). I'm getting a reputation. If … [Read more...]

My Head Hurts


Is there anything more difficult than trying to get your brain back after a vacation? I know I really don’t have anything to complain about - most K-12 librarians are already in full teaching mode. Our students are still at home, leaving the library to wayward faculty members who can finally get some quiet. And me, I’m left to my own devices so I can catch up on meetings, paperwork, and … [Read more...]

The Trouble with Twitter


My Library’s Twitter feed (@PenfieldLib) just passed 200 followers. Well, 220 actually, but who’s counting? We got a huge bump this week due to a number of factors: students’ procrastination; more students in the library; free coffee; and an unexpected evacuation. But I’m not here to talk about how to boost your followers. After all, innumerable dodgy Tweeple will give you thousands of … [Read more...]

A Gadget Librarian finds Gadgets


My job as a Learning Technologies Librarian includes seeking out new things that will enhance our students’ experience and, of course, learning. So far, I’ve added portable projectors, an SLR camera, and some nice microphones to our collection. Those were easy. The next big addition (hopefully very soon!) took a little more. So, some background: my library has been checking out Flip Cameras for … [Read more...]

LiTTech #53: Ditching Dewey


This week on LiTTech: The Dewey Decimal System is used the world over in public and school libraries, but is that a good thing? Recently the Ethical Cultural Field School completely revamped their library using a system they invented called Metis. This episode, Addie and Emily talk about whether that's a good thing, and what it means for libraries all over. Show Host: Emily Thompson Show … [Read more...]