Passes Diigo as EdReach’s #3 Referrer


I think this is pretty important news- especially for education news sites. Move over Diigo. Diigo has been a pretty good referrer for EdReach, and they've occupied the education space extremely well over that past couple of years. But the past couple of weeks there's been a rolling stone gathering lots of moss- and that stone is Our number 1 and number 2 referrers are probably not … [Read more...]

Celebrate Success and Take Ownership of the Message!

Twitter _ Search - #eduwin-1

I get excited about education a lot!  One thing continues to bother me though and that is the continued lack of a cohesive effort to celebrate success in our schools.  We have so many people embedded in reform that we end up putting out more of a negative message than may be productive. is focused on combining our voice to give everyone a bigger voice! As our About Us page states … [Read more...]

The Changing Publishing Landscape: Amazon Launches Textbook Rental while Borders Liquidates


Sorry for the outrageously long title, but these both of these stories that were reported today are telling about the the impact eBooks are having on the publishing and distributing industry. First, Amazon released information that it is launching a Kindle eTextbook Rental service. I believe that this service will greatly benefit for college students, and there are possibilities that secondary … [Read more...]

Going Mobile With Google+

G+ Android App2

EdReach has been looking at all the facets of the new Google+ platform this past week.  Today's focus is going to be on how Google+ can work on mobile devices (Android, iOS) and how that could potentially impact education.  There has been no formal announcement for Google+ going under the Google Apps for Education umbrella so the product can be easily used in schools, but there is talk that it … [Read more...]

Light the Fire: Learning Through “Sparks”

Google+ in Eduction

A feature of Google+ that has great potential in the classroom is “Sparks.” “Sparks brings you stories on the things you love from all across the Web, so it's easy to strike up meaningful conversations with your friends.” Setting up your Sparks is super easy. Simply type in some key words into the search box and Google+ builds a stream of information for you. Sharing these links with your … [Read more...]

An Introduction to Google+

Google+ in Eduction

Just about one week.  That's how long Google+ has been open to "invite only" status, though that admittedly is still a bit on and off.  Fortunately, some of us on the EdReach network were able to get in and are continuing to play around with all that this new social network has to offer.   John Sowash started us off with our first in a series of posts on Monday about how Google+ could be used in … [Read more...]

Google+ In Education

Google+ in Eduction

Last week Google re-entered the social media field with the launch of Google+. Initial reactions have been positive, a good sign for Google which has struggled to find it’s place in social media.  What does Google+ mean for educators? For students? For schools? This is one of the topics that the EdReach team will be exploring this week. This week we will be featuring a series of posts … [Read more...]

Is EdTech the Answer? Rupert Murdoch thinks so!

Last week the Wall Street Journal posted an interesting article in which Mr. Rupert Murdoch (who owns News Corp.) criticizes K-12 education as being "stuck in the Victorian age." He then went on to encourage business leaders to invest in educational technology which he believes represents a "$500 billion industry". Murdoch also argued that schools "need to incorporate more personalized learning" … [Read more...]