#EduWin Weekly #003: The Social Networking Impact

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This week we talk to Don Goble and the majority of the conversation surrounds recent #EduWin tweets that celebrate the successful impact of social networking in education from an event in St. Louis to student twitter accounts. Show Host: Scott Meech and Michael Walker Show contributors: Don Goble       Give us some feedback! … [Read more...]

EduWin Weekly #2: Authentic Audience!

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This week on EduWin Weekly: Michael Walker and Scott Meech talk with Tim Berndt about his use of Twitter with students and their successful #eduwin tweets.  He has another example of students using an authentic audience and getting in contact with some very interesting people!  We follow up on this with some more #Eduwin moments focused on authentic audiences. Show Host: Michael Walker and … [Read more...]

EduWin Weekly #1: What’s this #EduWin thing?

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This week on EduWin Weekly: Michael Walker and Scott Meech kickoff the first show with an interview of Judi Epcke about her weekly Edu-Winners Circle. While the first show included a lot of history regarding the history of EduWin, there was solid depth into several interesting #EduWin tweets.  We hope you enjoy the concept of this show as we try to highlight all of your EduWins!  This week we … [Read more...]

iCreate vs. iConsumption


Many argue that the iPad is the premiere consumption device at this time but it isn’t very good at creating. Is that accurate? I tend to believe that the iPad is an amazingly creative device and the user is the only limit for the device. Creating on the iPad is different but it is an effective creation device. The very nature of the device itself and how we interface with it provide for a uniquely … [Read more...]

Need a New Year’s Resolution? … Try a Personalized Professional Development Plan!

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Happy New Year everyone and good luck with those New Year's resolutions.  I have a dozen resolutions myself, but I don't want to change too much!  If I could get every educator to commit to one resolution, it would be to create a "Personalized Professional Development Plan." While many dibble and dabble with online tools and social networks, I don't think enough of us have a plan for organizing … [Read more...]

Open Letter to Tech Experts … not working in Education! An Open Letter from EdReach #3

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Dear Tech Experts (who do not work in education), I love to read, listen and watch so many of you who review, discuss, and share the latest in technology. Your blogs and shows are so popular that you don’t need me to give you free advertising. Let’s just pretend that you know who you are!  Yes, I am one of your devoted fans who are an educational tech geek! I write to you today because I … [Read more...]

Dear Educators: An Open Letter from EdReach #2 – #EduWin

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Too often, news and media outlets jump on the negative stories in education or miss the real story entirely.  The wrong questions are asked.  The wrong message or story is told. As educators, we are tired of letting that happen. We are proud to be educators.  Educators worldwide are making a difference.  Everyday we have success.  Everyday we are making a positive impact on students' lives. … [Read more...]

Dear Educators: An Open Letter from EdReach

Open Letter to Educators

My fellow educators, There are many “technologies” that provide unique learning opportunities simply because of the uniqueness of the technology itself.  We need to understand the fundamental differences of certain technologies from their traditional partners before we can truly implement these learning experiences effectively. Blogging isn’t just digitizing student essays.  The fundamental … [Read more...]