Google’s Master Plan Behind the Chromebook

Google's Master Plan Behind the Chromebook

Earlier this month I spent two days at the Google campus in Mountain View, California. The Google in Education team invited an assortment of Google Certified Teachers, Trainers, and partners to learn the latest about the recently released Chromebook. There are some neat things on the horizon. Jaime Casip, Google Education Senior Evangelist, spoke for a large portion of our second day together … [Read more...]

InstaGrok Educational Search Engine


Can you define the word "Grok?" InstaGrok is a developing answer-engine that is specifically designed for the education market. The mission of  InstaGrok is to teach 21st Century research and curation skills in a safe, age appropriate environment. InstaGrok is commercial free and organizes search results according to themes and concepts. In a way, InstaGrok is similar to Wolfram|Alpha as it … [Read more...]

Moodle Hangout Anyone?

Moodle Hangout

Moodle was launched as a pet project in 1999 by Martin Dougiamas. Since then, it has grown into an enormously popular learning platform that boasts over 57 million users who have access to roughly 5.8 million courses. Moodle is an open source, community driven learning management system that is used in traditional, blended, and fully online classrooms. Anyone can setup a Moodle server and start … [Read more...]

Google Educast #30: Googling Ahead to a New Year

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In the news: Google extends through 2012 free calling via Voice from Gmail, YouTube Slam and YouTube Rewind 2011. Google Voice - tips for using in education. Google Tasks and Inbox Zero. Things to try in 2012: Forms for the one-device classroom, Fear Not the Docs List, App Inventor Reborn at MIT. Show Hosts:   Diane Main, John Sowash, Chris Betcher  Send us your … [Read more...]

Top Apps for Professional Development

Apps for Professional Development

I was recently asked to lead a professional development session for a school that is starting to roll out iOS devices for teachers and students. Over the course of the year, staff at this school will be receiving a significant amount of professional development to help them better utilize the technology that is available to them. The focus of my session was iOS Apps for professional development. I … [Read more...]

Occupy Online Learning!


This past week I had the opportunity to attend the Virtual School Symposium sponsored by iNACOL in Indianapolis, Indiana. My primary reasons for attending this conference was to learn what others are doing related to online learning and to connect with various companies to help fill some needs in the online program that I administrate. The keynote speaker during lunch on Thursday was Steve … [Read more...]

Google Educast #25: Reborn!

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The Google Educast is Reborn! This week we discuss the new look across all Google products, the new Presentation editor, discuss file versions in Google docs, using collections to organize and share documents, and highlight a teacher's use of Google Moderator in the classroom. Show Hosts:   John Sowash, Sean Williams, Diane Main, Daniel Rezac The complete show notes are now on the EdReach … [Read more...]

Non-Technical Innovations for Techie Teachers

I do quite a bit of consulting work related to educational technology. Most of it involves leading workshops to help teachers apply today's web and mobile technologies to their classrooms. Most teachers are eager to incorporate technology into their instruction, however I am always wary of teachers implementing technology for the sake of technology without enhancing classroom learning. To … [Read more...]