Google Educast #154: RISE Above It


This Week on the Google Educast: In this week’s show, Fred, Juan and Chris look at recent changes in Drive, including the handling of native Microsoft Office documents and new features in charts for trendlines. We also talk about big tablets and their place in education, fill you in on the RISE awards, share some amazing new Android apps, and much more! Hosts: Fred Delventhal, Chris Betcher, … [Read more...]

Google Educast #146: Google’s Self Driving Classroom


This Week on the Google Educast: Google+ is not dead, and it’s not dying, but why doesn’t anyone know this? Will we be putting school children on self-driving school busses? Is your ISP killing your YouTube viewing pleasure? And why are there no more Google Apps for EDU Certified Trainers? All these questions and more are answered in this week’s Google Educast. Additionally we explore how to be … [Read more...]

Google Educast #137: Making Sense of Data: The Datagasm


This Week on the Google Educast: Looking for 15 of the best Add On’s for education, look no farther. You can also customize the app launcher as well as adding to your Play Music library through the browser , thank you Juan! In case you missed it Google released its transparency report  +today along with a nifty video. In other breaking news you can edit images in Slides! Got a ChromeBook? Get … [Read more...]

Google Educast #134: Is Chromeaggedon Coming?


This Week on the Google Educast: More fiber? Several cities say yes please to Google Fiber. The official end of life policy for Chrome OS devices was recently published, does that mean Chromeaggedon is coming? The new Google Maps is out for everyone, what do you think? There is a site for check out for adding Hangout apps and an old tool comes comes back - newspaper archive. Is that a scanner … [Read more...]

ToolZeit – Bedtime Math Updated

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The folks over at Bedtime Math let us know that they have released an android version of Bedtime Math. We reviewed Bedtime Math for iOS here. The android app appears to have all of the same goodness that the web site and iOS app does. From their media release: Bedtime Math announces today the launch of its first app for Android, which is now available for free download in the Google Play … [Read more...]

ToolZeit – Flipboard Updates With Collaboration – cue With A Little Help From My Friends

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Just a month after updating to allow users to create content specific magazines, Flipboard has updated again. This update adds collaboration to the magazine editor. What This Means To Educators As we mentioned in the previous post, a teacher can create Flipboard magazines filled with handpicked articles covering a specific unit or content area. Now teachers can work as a grade level team or … [Read more...]

ToolZeit – 5 TEDTalk Playlists for Educator’s Summer Professional Development

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About Summer vacation has already begun for many educators in the United States. For some of us we have a few more weeks of school left. Summer is a time when many educators relax and recharge and allow themselves to learn something new. As life-long learners we sometimes look at increasing our knowledge and experience specifically in what we teach or it can be taking on the challenge of learning … [Read more...]

ToolZeit – Flipboard Update – Magazine Editor Allows Teachers to Create Content Specific Magazines

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We posted about Flipboard before here  ToolZeit - Flipboard and gave a list of web sites that we have in our Flipboard here 32 Feeds for Classroom Flipboard   Flipboard contacted us to let us know of a great update. Normally Flipboard content is driven by an RSS feed with a never ending supply of new content. Each time you open it up you get the latest posts from whatever sites you put into it. … [Read more...]