EdReach Nominated for Chicago Innovation Award


As educators, we know all too well not to toot our own horn too much. Besides, the work we do here at EdReach is about the educators and the innovators- not us. When we submitted our application for a Chicago Innovation Award, the application clearly asked: who is responsible for the innovation at EdReach? There was only one answer: the educators that are Taking Education Forward.  We're … [Read more...]

EdReach: Explained

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At EdReach, we're growing by leaps and bounds. We're adding new channels for educators left and right, and will be adding some brilliant new channels in the next few weeks. One of our original missions, was to be the ed tech facilitators "of the world," but what we've learned is that technology- is really only a fraction of the conversation. We see education as a lens- that any topic can be viewed … [Read more...]

Summer PD Your Teachers Won’t Want to Miss – [Updated]

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[Update] We're getting really excited! So far EdReach has close to 150 folks signed up for tonight's Hangout On Air!  To sign up for tonight's Event- FlipBoard and Your iPad 1:1- go to this link. If you can't make it- that's okay- but why not share it with your fellow educators? Let's enjoy one of the best Summer PD experiences yet!   Announcing our Summer Learning Series here on EdReach! 1 to … [Read more...]

Welcome Techlandia to The EdReach Network!

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EdReach has always been about giving educators a bigger voice. That's why we're super excited to announce that Techlandia - that show that everyone is raving about, has joined The EdReach Network. From day 1 of starting EdReach, we knew that education had a problem in the media. Education still- is all over the place, and getting cool relevant resources in one place- is still a challenge. … [Read more...]

EdReach, Stitcher Radio, Form Partnership to Take Education Forward


It's not everyday we like to tout our own accomplishments, but we're very excited to announce that we are partnering with Stitcher Radio, the leader in Internet radio. One of the things we love to talk about on EdReach are innovations. Innovations in the classroom, gaming, media literacy, apps, classroom tech, startups - the list goes on. We do this because these things are relevant to those … [Read more...]

Roger Ebert: The Man Who Taught Me How to Read


So, one of my childhood heroes is gone. I can safely say that, besides John Denver, for me, there is no greater public influence on my work in education, my work as a writer, my obsession with visual, audio, and written media- than Roger Ebert. This hurts. Like many Chicagoans growing up in the early eighties, kids spent quality time with their parents saddled up to watch Sneak Previews, … [Read more...]

Badge Madness: Classbadges and Edublogs Team Up to Reward Kid Bloggers Everywhere

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Great news for those of you innovative teachers who blog with your students. Edublogs, the Internet's premiere student blogging service, and Classbadges.com the newest entry into the official badge movement, has teamed up to allow teachers to reward their students achievement badges for those who reach milestones. But how does blogging translate into achievements?  James Sanders, Classbadges … [Read more...]