Seth Reynolds: What’s the Next Big Thing in Education?

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Education is so hot right now in the investment world. When I talk to any new company, regardless if they are “ed” based, their eyes light up like wildfire when you mention education. It seems that every company has an education strategy. And what’s the motivation behind these companies? For the majority- it’s more than money. You hear the word “mission driven” more than once. Combine the prospect of making efficiencies happen in our education system, with the freedoms and creativity that goes along with being a business owner- combines two potentially mutually beneficial ideas. It makes being an entrepreneur in this space- meaningful.

I had a chance to talk with a handful of new entrepreneurs at the LearnLaunch conference at MIT. Seth Reynolds, Partner at The Parthenon Group, offered these ideas as to what the next “big thing” in education is.

What do you think?

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