The BackChannel #13: A Conversation w/ Tricia & Carol

This week on The BackChannel:

This week, I invited Carol Broos and Tricia Fuglestad in for a chat.    Carol and I have been pals for several years now….but I just met Tricia in October due to the K12 Online Conference.  Both are very very VERY talented in ARTS  and I invite you to sit back and enjoy this conversation as we talk through MANY topics.
(I do apologize for some of the sound glitches….still figuring all this podcasting out!)  :)


Links for Carol:
Twitter: – blog – presentation wiki– 21st century music curriculum –  innovate and create site

Links for Tricia:
60th Birthday Celebration Video:

Tricia’s K12 Online Conference Session 2012

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Blog Post
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3 Questions for Tricia & Carol
#1. Both of you are very aware of the importance of ART within the classroom — what are you learning that you can share to teachers who might not understand the importance?
#2.  Your work — your students’ work is NOT staying within the walls of your own classroom.  How are you sharing their work out — and how do YOU and THEY make this decision to do so?
#3.  What is on your radar that you think other educators should take notice of?

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