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I’ve been a little silent on the blogging side lately. In fact, many of my education heroes are also silent on the blogging side these days, and I wonder if this Common Core Madness isn’t burying teachers in a sea of more “things to do.” Ideas are really hard to spread if we’re not getting the word out, but I’m also wondering if many of the hoops we’re jumping through right now (especially in America) aren’t making it harder for those lonely wolves to connect with the teachers in their own buildings.

Has three years of TED Talks and idea-sharing put us into a place of “idea overload?”-where we’re so busy with Common Core readiness that we don’t have time to devote to our passion projects?

Being part of this madness- I’ve been helping more educators get their podcasts and columns up and running, supporting my school district in doing an iPad 1:1 pilot, and trying to approach my own professional development a little differently this year. This year, I’ve been trying to take an extreme objective viewpoint, and trying to just find small moments and important quotes and sayings that will help propel my practice and work…forward.

I came across this great new platform a month or so ago, called It looked perfect to me. Just what I needed. It was an opportunity for me to do a little internal professional development. I’ve been collecting voices.

I started with a quote I saw from Clay Shirky:

Then a few days later, one of my great Twitter educators, shared the Seth Godin Stop Stealing Dreams TEDx Talk with me:

There were something like three or four different quotes from that talk, but this next one was my favorite:

Over the next couple weeks, I also started collecting the words of people that I knew that didn’t really have celebrity status, but that inspired me nonetheless. This one was simply from the Mozilla Foundation’s website, and their white paper about Web literacies: 

Then, of course, the election happened, and I couldn’t resist some of the inspiring words that President Obama said when he won the election:

I, of course, am a big fan of Steve Jobs, and it’s not hard to find great, inspiring quotes from him, but I also quoted educator Chris Lehmann, my brother Mike, as well as some co-workers, who, from their own blog posts said some great inspiring words throughout their careers.

The lesson I’m teaching myself here- is to stop. Listen to what others saying. And don’t just listen passively as words crawl through your Twitter and Facebook stream, but collect the voices and the words that really do matter to education, for our future, and for our own sanity.

I’m always reminded by one of my mentors that words matter.

What do you think?

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