Celebrating Your School Year and Empowering Your Teachers Pt. 2

  It’s hard to believe that we are already in May and June is just around the corner.  Surely many of you read this already in a state of reflection on your year,  In my last post I challenged you all to help your teachers celebrate their year of professional development and growth.   In part two of this series we will explore some ways to keep professional learning going for your teachers throughout the summer and truly empower your teachers to keep growing all summer long.

1.  Help your teachers develop a Twitter PLN

Check out this great LiveBinder compiled by Steven Anderson:  http://bit.ly/twitterguideforedu

2.  Start a tailored RSS feed that includes all of the best articles you want your staff to read

Do you use Google Reader to aggregate some of your feeds?  If you do star the articles you want your teachers to be checking into this summer.  Then share the RSS feed for the starred items.

How to share starred items on Google Reader

Or start a Diigo group and simply bookmark the things you want your staff to check out over the summer to your Diigo group.

Diigo: Create a group knowledge repository

3.  Look for regional conferences that your staff can participate in for no cost

One super cool thing going on in Indiana is that districts are holding regional conferences and are recruiting some great local presenters as well as national presenters, check out this great example of a regional conference:

eRevolution — Evansville Vandenburgh Schools – 2012 eLearning Conference

Other Regional Conferences in Indiana

Check your state DOE…is there a regional conference movement going on in your state?

4.  Hold your own mini Ed-Camp

Unfamiliar with the EdCamp movement?  Read more here

5.  Start a book club

Choose three or four books to read this summer and start a Google group to discuss the book.
Book Suggestions:
Embedded Formative Assessment
Total Participation Techniques
Results Now

6.  Attend a summer conference

There are several great national summer conferences.  Here are some that are worth checking out:
Learning Forward

7.  BLOG!
Post food for thought on a blog.  Try using Blogger, Edublogs, or WordPress

8.  Focus on the big areas of growth

One book that is a must read is Focus by Mike Schhmoker.  Schmoke discusses the importance on focusing on what is essential and not overloading your staff with new initiatives.

9.  Partner with other administrators

What are neighboring administrators doing to promote summer learning?  Team up and work together on what you will do; we know there is power in collaboration!

10.  Tune into EdReach

Need I say more?  EdReach is one of the greatest resources for ongoing learning.

Photo Credit:  Attribution Some rights reserved by Klearchos Kapoutsis


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