Mobile Reach #30 – Pinterest and Virtual Field Trips

Mobile Reach #30 – Pinterest & Virtual Field Trips  The group talks about a lot of different things happening this week in the mobile-verse.  We discuss some updates to Google Docs, take a look at the Google Art Projects collections and talk about Pinterest and ways it can be used to share in education.  We do our typical app review where we spend some time talking about Instagram being out for Android and share information about the new Compare A Twist app from fellow EdReacher Scott Meech’s new venture, App of Approval.  We also cap things off with an #eduwin occurring in South Milwaukee.

Show Host: Chad Kafka (@chadkafka)

Co-Hosts: Judi Epcke (@jepcke), Tammy Lind (@TamL17), Scott Meech (@smeech)

The Mobile Reach Show Notes

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