EduNationCast #024: Shouldn’t Teaching be an Adventure?

This week on the EduNationCast:

We discuss whether Education should be an adventure, or whether teachers should resign their lives to the four walls of the classroom. Haven’t you ever wanted to teach from the wilderness? Don’t you want to be the next Christa Mcauliffe? Is authentic teaching actually going to the places we teach about? EduNationCast opens up about the teaching “EdVenture.”

Videos of the week:

Dan shares “Dinosaurs from Symphony of Science” 

James shares “Imagine: How Creativity Works.”

Jim shares “Plastic Bag.”

Diane shares “Elements” 

Adam shares: TEDxBozeman Paul Anderson

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This Week’s Contributors: James SandersJim Sill, Diane Main, Adam Bellow, and Dan Rezac.

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