EdGamer 46: Low Tech Games at West Sacramento Prep


  Watch out for EdGamer 46...this week we’re ‘Roland in the deep’ (sorry Roland) with returning guest Roland Aichele from West Sacramento Prep in California. Roland fills us in on the latest trends of the west coast including some low tech gaming madness. We also talk about Dan Pink one of the most interesting authors in the business world that is frequently being referenced in educational … [Read more...]

EduNationCast #023: Stop With the Buzz Words!

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This week on the EduNationCast: We discuss whether the term Education Technology does the movement of education reform a disservice. Is technology still "scary" or is technology ubiquitous? Should technology be an inviting term at this point? Why is it that many teachers still shy away from tech? The Roundtable this week dissects these questions.     Videos of the … [Read more...]

Google Educast #042: Google Certified Pirates

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This week on the Google Educast: Apps in Google Hangouts are irresistible, please give Google feedback on Google Sites, Google Summer of Code announced, custom admin roles on Google Apps. Tool Shoutout: Account Dashboard in Google Apps- with stats! Tips and Tricks: Calendar announcements in Google Sites, Nelson Mandela archives, AutoCopy Chrome Extension, Google Tasks extension, Learning … [Read more...]

5 Vimeo Videos Every School Leader Should Bookmark


Vimeo is chock full of fun, artistic, and inspiring videos.  Below are five videos that anyone leading professional development could find inspiring. 1.  Learn - This short video can reignite the flame for the joy of learning! http://vimeo.com/27244727 2.  15 Fixes For Broken Grades Webinar -Ken O'Conner is the author of the book 15 Fixes for Broken Grades, and in this webinar … [Read more...]

MacReach Show #43: Scaling the AppleTV

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This week on the MacReach Show: US Apple household penetration. CNBC Report How high will Apple stock go? Using the AppleTV in a larger scale environment. App of the week:  iTunesU Show Host(s): Kelly Dumont (@KDumont) Cohost: Robert Gordon (@trainerob)       Leave us some feedback!  Contact us with any questions or … [Read more...]

Teachers: What kind of students are you making?


I'm actually on vacation, but I wanted to chime in on what I've been reading over vacation: Seth Godin's Stop Stealing Dreams. In the first quarter of the book (or manifesto), Seth pulls heavy remembrances of the true nature of public education, which was to prepare kids to be better factory workers. Check out Section 5 to reference the below. There's lots of quotable items in here, but I … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable #17: Apps We Use Daily

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  This week on the aRTs Roundtable we talk to about the apps we use to simplify our teaching on our own mobile devices and computer. These apps have transformed how we teach the arts and organize our lives in the educational setting. Show Host: Carol Broos Show contributors:   Trisha Fuglestad and Jennifer Kolze Show wiki: edreach.us … [Read more...]

LiTTech #23: ACRL Standards (Part 1)


  This week on LiTTech: Emily and Addie continue their discussion of ALA Information Literacy Standards. This week they start on those set out by the Association of College and Research Libraries. Show Host: Emily Thompson Show contributors: Adrienne Matteson, Leave us some feedback! Contact us with any questions or comments- littech@edreach.us … [Read more...]