Code Year: Give it a Shot

Growing up computers were never scary, they were everywhere. My father came to programming accidentally, but enthusiastically. He was a programmer almost before it was really a career. And he thought that everyone should be able to play. Rather than telling my sister and I not to touch his stuff he gave us our OWN computer to mess around on. We even took a Logo class over one summer. As a result, when I did finally decide to take a real computer science class in high school, I could pick things up easily.

Granted, I’ve always treated coding more like an occasional hobby than a passion, but I like it. I also like to be able to tell other people that I know how to do it. The average person on the street will look at you like you’re super smart when you say, “Yeah, I know a little Python, but I really like doing web pages in HTML and CSS.” It’s a trip.

But there’s a secret I have to tell you: coding is not that difficult.

In fact, if you possess basic logic, it’s pretty easy. And if you can code, computers cease to be scary. After all, if you can code, you can CONTROL the silly things. They won’t stop being frustrating, but at least you know you have the power.

So, the point of all this is a belated New Year’s Resolution. I think you should take a look at’s Code Year. They send you a set of exercises every week, and by the end of it you’ll know JavaScript (which is a major language of the web). It even feels a bit like a game: every time you get something right there’s a twinge of excitement!

Just give it a shot. You deserve to feel cool too.

Emily Thompson is the host of EdReach’s show LiTTech, a show for the innovative librarian. LiTTech highlights the innovative news, gadgets, and resources for the literary educator. You can follow her on Twitter @librarianofdoom

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