Digital Learning Day – Another Opportunity For Us To Connect (in Person)

There is a great opportunity for tech-savvy leaders to reach out to their colleagues who are still hesitant to embrace digital tools for learning coming up on February 1.  Digital Learning Day 2012 is a wonderful initiative intended to highlight schools, educators, and/or classrooms where digital tools are being embraced. The goal of Digital Learning Day  from the organization’s website is as follows:

“Digital Learning Day is a culminating event in a year-round national awareness campaign to improve teaching and learning for all children.”

It is my belief that a pervasive use of digital tools cannot happen without the support of school leadership. In addition, while I am a big fan of sharing digitally (online) what is happening here at my school, I know that sharing in this space is not going to engage those who have not gotten comfortable learning in these online spaces.  The only way we are going to make a difference is connecting with these educators where they are.

My challenge for all of you reading this is to invite the administrators in your area to your school for an hour or two on February 1 and show them how one or two digital tools can support them in their learning. Call or e-mail and share the motives for digital learning day and the fact that we as educators need to ensure access to digital resources for all of our students.  It is my opinion, that many people need to see how these tools can benefit them before they see the light and realize the possibilities for others in their schools.

From a selfish perspective, every person that you draw in provides an opportunity for you to expand your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) and gain access to another individual that can offer a new insight that will deepen the quality of your own learning. Don’t miss this opportunity!

What do you think?

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