Passes Diigo as EdReach’s #3 Referrer

I think this is pretty important news- especially for education news sites. Move over Diigo. Diigo has been a pretty good referrer for EdReach, and they’ve occupied the education space extremely well over that past couple of years. But the past couple of weeks there’s been a rolling stone gathering lots of moss- and that stone is Our number 1 and number 2 referrers are probably not surprising- Twitter and Facebook, thanks to our Facebook page and awesome network of Twitter sharers.

When premiered earlier this year, we tested it out with EdReach, to little avail. We thought that if Diigo was to have any competition in the bookmarking space, this could certainly be an option. Well, I haven’t seen much happen with and educators for the past few months, but then something big happened: launched for Education.

Now, EdReach has been getting pingbacks every hour by new educators “scooping” EdReach content. Surprisingly, many of these are coming from educators that are outside of the U.S. It’s an interesting trend.

I know many educators are fond of, another link/newspaper tool, but I’ve never found  that paper-like experience to be of much value, because it’s so… bland. So little effort goes into creating it. creates these “news” papers based on the people you follow on Twitter, not on your Tweets. creates their paper based on your bookmarks, so it is somewhat more of an authentic experience. for education has a huge opportunity to be the new “cool kid” on the education block, seeing as how Diigo has made very little improvements over the past couple of years. What do you think will happen?



What do you think?

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