EdReach’s Top Posts for BYOD

Over the past few months, the topic of BYOD, or Bring-Your-Own-Device to school has become quite popular on EdReach and abroad. If you do a search on EdReach (which I’ve just done for you), you can find all the posts dealing with the subjects such as BYOD or Mac, Google, or Smeech (that’s Scott Meech). Here are the top posts for BYOD:

1.  5 Opportunities to Get iPods & iPads Into Your Classroom by Meg Wilson

Educators often question how they can acquire iPods and iPads to use in their own classrooms, especially when so many districts are experiencing serious budget crunches. Many feel that that it just isn’t possible because their districts don’t have the money or don’t believe mobile technology is worth investing in. I know how you feel; I have been there. And here’s my advice: stop waiting for the district, and start taking your own steps to make the change in your classroom on your own. Read more…

2. Stop Criticizing 1:1 Device Choices and BYOD! by Patrick Larkin

Unfortunately, I have been seeing a lot of conversation on Twitter and on blog posts from who people who feel that the iPad is not a real 1:1 option.  They write at length about what the iPad cannot do while failing to focus on what it can do.  But this is not going to be a post about the iPad as a tool because frankly, no one can predict what new uses people will come up with for the iPad. Read more…  

3. Socrative: A Student Response System for Everyone by Daniel Rezac

Got an iPad? Got a Droid? Got a Mac? A PC? Doesn’t matter! Whatever you have, the free,multi-platform student response system, Socrative.com will use any of these. Did you spend $3000 on Activotes or other student “clicker” systems? Well, you could have simply used those laptop carts, those iPads, a desktop computer, or asked your students to bring their own device and fired up Socrative. Read more…

4.  A Professional Development Design Concept  by James O’Hagan

One of my first tasks in my new position in Forreston is to take a 29′ X 21′ space and turn it into a professional development room for teachers. I was not given a clear budget amount. I was asked to dream it, propose it, and worry about the finances later. So, I fired up my copy of Google SketchUp Pro (Illinois schools and educators have access to a FREE license) and I came up with the design idea at the top of this post (a larger image is linked here). Read more…

5.   The future of Ed Tech is “Bring Your Own Device” … BYOD  by Scott Meech

The future of Ed Tech is “Bring Your Own Device”, (BYOD), and schools will more than likely move away from providing devices for students sooner than later.  While BYOD is far too radical for many school districts at this time, it is inevitable that this is the future.  The sooner districts embrace this future and begin to plan for it, the more effective this transition will be. Read more…

Image Credit: cdsessums on Flickr

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