EduNationCast 011: Should Bill Gates Stay Out of Education?

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This week on The EduNationCast: Great discussion on whether or not the private sector belongs in education, plus we welcome innovator Lisa Highfill to the EduNationCast Roundtable! This Week’s Contributors: James Sanders,  Jim Sill, Adam Bellow, and Dan Rezac.   Special Guests This Week: Lisa Highfill The complete show notes can be found on the EdReach … [Read more...]

aRTs Roundtable #2: Creating in the Music Classroom

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This week on the aRTs Roundtable we discuss how we "create" in the music classroom by making purposeful projects. The music classroom is not just a performing class, but we create music in a variety of areas and subjects. Show Host: Carol Broos Show contributor: Jennifer Kolze The complete show notes are now on the EdReach Wiki.   Call us on our comment … [Read more...]

LiTTech #7: Teachers and Information Literacy

  This week on LiTTech: Emily and Adrienne chat about putting Information Literacy into classes outside the library and the correct way to teach peers new technology. Show Host: Emily Thompson Show contributors: Adrienne Matteson The complete show notes are now on the EdReach Wiki. Call us on our comment line! If you’d like to leave some feedback you can … [Read more...]

Just Try Something…and Share How It Goes

Making the move to a 1:1 environment this year at Burlington High School has been exciting.  The move has gotten us a lot of attention from area schools that want to come out and speak to our staff and students to see how we got this point.  Being a big proponent of sharing and the fact that we have a moral imperative to do so, we have welcomed everyone who has inquired about a visit. During … [Read more...]

Be Ready! Learning Happens Anywhere

"Learning can occur during the harvest"

The iPad 1:1 in Forreston is moving along nicely. Our bandwidth usage has curtailed a bit. Students and teachers have become more comfortable with the technology in the classroom. And so far there have been two casualties with equipment. One iPad, out of almost 500 handed out to students grade six through twelve, has suffered drop damage due to just too much on the desk (cannot wait for the … [Read more...]

The Demands of Learning

Photograph by Jean Chung for TIME

Pink Floyd’s notable lyric from Another Brick in the Wall (albeit edited for conventions) has been trending in educational commentary as of late, and the recent issue of Time is no exception. In Teacher, leave those kids alone, Amanda Ripley reports on the intensely demanding, ferocious study habits and schedules of South Korean students. Ripley follows a group of Seoul government officials whose … [Read more...]

EdCeptional #23 – 25 days ’til Christmas

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Today we veer a little from our normal show and talk about what tech goodies do you hope to find in your stocking and share some geeky gifts and places to pick these up for the holiday season. We also talk about EduBlogger Award Nominations and how you can find the best blogs to reader from these nominations.  Show Host:  Anne Truger (@atruger) Show contributors: Deb Truskey … [Read more...]

The Flipped Classroom Revisited


EdReach Note: This is a guest post from Jon Bergmann. Jon is a pioneer of the flipped classroom movement. You can join the Flipped Class community at, and can follow Jon on Twitter @jonbergmann. Lately, there has been a lot of interest and controversy about the flipped classroom.  For those of you who are still trying to get your mind around what the flipped classroom is, … [Read more...]