Inspire Any Student Writer With StoryBird

StoryBird is a web tool that allows students to use artists’ artwork to create a story book.  I have used this tool in the classroom to help reluctant 4th and 5th grade writers find motivation for creative writing.  There are many applications for use, for example: creative writing, using art with spelling words to create a story, illustrating content areas in creative ways… the possibilities are endless!

To start the year you might think about having your students create a StoryBird highlighting their summer vacation, or you might create one to help explain some of your classroom procedures.

StoryBird has amped up its efforts to offer its tools for educators by including the ability to set up classroom accounts for students.  The registration is easy and does not require students to have email addresses.  Check out the teacher page here.

Once the class is created you can give logins to students and begin mixing up some great stories.  The students can share and favorite their peers’ stories.

So if you have never checked out StoryBird you should take some time to do so; and if you have used it in the past, but have gotten away from it, it’s time to revisit an ol’ favorite.

StoryBird Tour:

Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by umjanedoan

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