EdCeptional Show #13: Summer Thoughts in the Cloud

Although we had a smaller than usual EdCeptional crew and are all overwhelmed with end-of-year craziness, we decided to keep on rolling!  To start off this week’s show, we each shared our favorite childhood summer activities.
  • Jeremy Brown: I use to go to northern Michigan every summer, where my dad’s family all had cottages.  My favorite activities there were riding my bike, swimming, and yes, pretending to be a lifeguard!
  • Deb Truskey: As a kid, summer seemed endless! We lived on the southeast side of Chicago. Our house was not air conditioned. Sitting on the front porch in the evening, catching fireflies and visiting with neighbors was always fun. It seemed like there was always a pack of kids to play with at any given time. Everyone was outside!
  • Your host for tonight….Patrick Black:  I spent the whole summer outside, one of my favorite places was a little town called Lakeside, we went with some cousins, basically had the run of the town, swim in Lake Erie, and just hang out









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If you would like to continue the conversations, you can find the crew at  Jeremy Brown at @techieteacher on Twitter or iTeach Special Education – iOS Devices in Special Education on Facebook, Deb Truskey at @debtruskey and @SLPDeb on Twitter, and Patrick Black at http://about.me/patrickblack or @teachntech00 on Twitter. If you have suggestions, comments or queries  about the show you can reach the whole Edceptional crew by emailing Edceptional@edreach.us.

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