EdCeptional Show #09: Remember when…?

This week, we had the normal Edceptional Crew and asked:  What was the first “technology” YOU remember using as student??
  1. Patrick Black:  I had a TI-80 at home, used a TV as monitor and saved information to a tape recorder!  We had Apple IIe’s in the classroom at school.
  2. Jeremy Brown: In terms of educational software, Kid Pix, Number Crunchers & Oregon Trail.  For hardware, Mac Plus for desktop, PowerBook 100 for laptop, and Palm Pilot.
  3. Deb Truskey:  The floppy disc was invented in 1970 as well as the microprocessor. Atari games were popular. (Post It Notes were also invented in the 70’s.) However, my technology as a student was in the form of a tape recorder, a typewriter and a stereo record player. (Favorite memory: “A Horse With No Name” by America being blasted out of the dorm window.)
  4. Your host for tonight….Anne Truger: Apple IIe in 7th grade at home, not school and as a college student the Magnavox VideoWriter.



  1. How to build your own matching “app”
  2. List of FREE\discounted apps & resources
  3. Twitter – @techinspecialed
  4. Facebook group - http://www.facebook.com/techinspecialed



  • Voulnteer Opportunities:
    • Volunteering for a summer program (at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA from July 22-31) focused on augmentative communication and empowerment for young adults. Potential audiences may include students in Special Education, OT, PT, SLP/CSD, Rec Therapy or people currently working in disability services, etc.  See disabilities.temple.edu/programs/aac/aces/ for fliers and more information about ACES.
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