Challenges to Online Learning

Challenges to online learning

A new learning modality has emerged and it has the potential to turn the current model on its head. Online learning offers greater flexibility and fewer overhead costs (busing, building maintenance, etc) making it a financially viable solutions. Some, including Clayton Christenson, have predicted that online learning will become the dominant form of education within the next 20 years. Despite … [Read more...]

Is Qwiki the next, best platform for digital storytelling?

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The Web needs something new for education. I've talked about this before. Teachers have been happily using Glogster,  Voicethread, and Google Apps for the past couple of years. Then the economy went in the dumper, Silicon Valley focused on "social,"  and we've been quietly waiting for some of the new platforms to emerge that might have education in mind. It's been a long wait, but friends, we … [Read more...]

EdCeptional Show #11: All About Assistive Technology in Alton, IL!

Greetings everyone!  A huge shout out to all of you veterans out there...Thanks for everything you do to make our country an amazing and safe place to live! Tonight we are joined with a smaller Edceptional crew than normal and one amazing special guest, assistive technology specialist Mr. Brian Dowd. Brian is an AT specialist with Alton School District in Alton, Illinois. His district’s top … [Read more...]

It Is The Network

Joe Crede

Joe Crede (pronounced CREE-DEE) was the starting third baseman on the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox (not to be confused with the Chicago Cubs who last won a World Series when there were only 46 states and Teddy Roosevelt was President). USA Today reported in 2002 "The 6-3 Crede . . . hits with power to all fields and makes good contact for a power hitter. He is a good athlete with … [Read more...]

iBroke My iPhone and Lived to Talk About It


Preface to post: I am passionate about using iDevices to improve the learning experience, and I personally consider my iPhone to be my lifeline. To people who know me well, this is common knowledge. Denial. As my iPhone 4 slowly slid off a stack of papers just out of my reach, I had the perfect view as I watched it drop and land face down. I heard gasps escape from every person in the … [Read more...]

EdGamer Episode 13: Have Board – Will Game

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Do you have trouble getting access to technology, within your school, for gaming? Board games offer a simple and nice alternative for gaming in the classroom. Gerry and I discuss our childhood board gaming experiences, which includes Candy Land and Axis and Allies. We explain why board games should be part of your classroom resources and how they can lead to learning. Listen to the Boardwalk of … [Read more...]

Google Educast #17 – Gone Google with Dr. Henry Thiele

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On this episode of the Google Educast we welcome our special guest Dr. Henry Thiele for a one-on-one interview.  Hank is currently the Chief Technology Officer for District 207 in Park Ridge, Illinois. Before he moved into this role he was a technology coordinator and also taught science and music at Conant High School in Hoffman Estates, Illinois. Hank earned his Doctorate from Roosevelt … [Read more...]

Steps in the Right Direction

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There is no shortage of blogposts or news articles about the positive aspects of the use of mobile devices in schools. You’ll find quite a few right here on EdReach. The article Principals Call for Mobile and Social Technologies in Schools from THE Journal has me hopeful for those schools where mobile technologies are banned or are in short number. The article explains that the National … [Read more...]